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Frequently Asked Questions

To join our affiliate program please visit our Affiliates page.

Click on the “Join Now” button.

Our affiliate marketing software is “Impact” (A third-party service provider).

If you already have an “Impact” account then on the next window please choose “I already have an account”

If you are new to “Impact” then please fill-up the form with a new username and password.

As of the moment, we’re not yet offering a free Canva Pro access to the affiliate partners.

In case you missed it, Canva Pro has a 30-day free trial period.

While it is not essential to have a website to become a Canva affiliate, approving your partnership can be easier if you have one.

Some mandatory checks and verification via website can speed up the process as well.

Although we would prefer a website and other traffic sources as the primary source of traffic, as long as other conditions to become an affiliate is met then it’s perfectly okay.

I suspect that you tried to use your Canva username to sign up.

Please note, Your Canva account is not related to your Canva affiliate account.

To sign up as an affiliate partner of Canva please visit

(Impact is our affiliate marketing software)

If you already have an “Impact” account then please choose “I already have an account”

If you are new to “Impact” then please fill-up the form with a new username and password.

You can locate this ID at any time by logging into (please use the forget password option if you do not remember it) Once you are inside, please click on your account name in the upper left corner of your account. The account number will be listed in the dropdown.

To retrieve your tracking link you need to log in to your affiliate network account at Impact.

Login URL:

(If you do not remember the password, please use the forget password option.)

After logging in you should be able to see the tracking link option right on the dashboard

All you need to do is click on the boxed area.

This will automatically copy the correct link to your clipboard.

If you have more than one brand under the same Impact account you may need to use the dropdown menu and select Canva.

To view your stats please log into your affiliate network account from this link:

Then from the “Reports” menu select “Performance by Brand”

From the “Brands” drop-down menu, select “Canva”

Here you should be able to see the number of clicks you have sent to us and your total earnings.

You will be glad to know that you can earn affiliate commissions by converting a Canva Free user to a Canva Pro user.

All you need them to do is follow your tracking link before they start the Canva Pro trial. Best way to do that is by driving them straight to this landing page:

You can do that by creating a deep-link following the steps below:

Log into your impact account, and from the dropdown menu, select “Canva”.

Into the “Enter a landing page” field, please insert the url of your page of choice.

Then click on the “Create” button.

Lastly click on the link area, This will automatically copy the unique tracking link to your clipboard.

You can add all your traffic sources (media properties) during the signup.

Here is how,

Under the “PROMOTIONAL INFORMATION” section please choose your relevant partner type. For your case, it may be “Content” “email” or “blog networks”. Screenshot:

please choose the media type, if it is a Website choose the Website if it is social media choose social media. In order to insert a social media link, please click on the relevant Social media Icon, it will reveal the URL field for that.

You can repeat this for as many media properties you may have.

If you have an existing Impact account and you are interested in adding more media properties then please follow the steps below:

Log in to your impact account from this link

Then visit the settings page ( )

In the General section, select Media Properties.

On the Media Property screen, select Create Media Property -> Website Property

To get paid from Impact you need to fill up your bank information.

To do that please follow the steps below:

Go to the settings option from the bottom left corner.

In the next page please choose “Bank Account” from the Finance section.

Now you need to insert your bank information

Once your bank information is updated you can set up your Payment Schedule. You can either choose to get paid on a fixed day of the month or when your balance exceeds a certain threshold.

All approved actions (payable events) are unlocked after 45 days of the day they are tracked. The transactions are paid 15 days after the end of the day they unlock.Whenever you have any pending actions and outstanding balance, this just means that the actions have not yet unlocked/cleared.

Here are the definitions of the terms related to payout:

Pending: These are pending actions that have not yet been approved/unlocked (Takes 45 days to unlock)

Locked: These are approved/unlocked pending actions (Payments gets locked for 15 days to counteract with the refund requests)

Balance: this is your available balance/action earnings that cleared (you can withdraw this money anytime you want)

In order to view the due date of the action earnings, please navigate to the

_Balance drop-down_ (top right corner on your home screen) > _Earnings_ > Click on the _Pending Action Earnings_ hyperlinked amount > _Due Date_ (very last column) is when the pending actions are scheduled to clear.

Impact is an affiliate marketing software.

Impact radius is the platform that enables you to see if your application is approved or not, once approved it is the place where you will be able to retrieve your tracking link and once the commission is earned, you will be able to withdraw your commission from that very same platform.

Using the tracking link we are tracking a few major types of events.

Signup Completed – means user signed up to a Canva free account

Subscription Trial – means user signed up with the Canva Pro trial

Subscription Charge – means user paid for their Canva Pro subscription (Monthly or yearly)

You are seeing “0% of order sales amount” for the other event types because we are not paying commissions for those events. We are paying for the “Subscription Charge” events only.

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