The Canva affiliate start guide

Welcome to the Canva Pro affiliate program. We’ve put together a quick guide to help you navigate your affiliate dashboard like a Pro. Here, you can expect to find everything you need to know from setting up your account to promoting our product, as well as commission rates, details, and FAQs.

Setting up your account in Impact

The first thing you need to know is that our affiliate portal is managed by a software called Impact. Your Impact dashboard has everything you need to start promoting — such as your unique tracking link and creative creative assets.

How to access your dashboard

You can find a login link to your Impact dashboard in your Canva Pro affiliate acceptance email. If you haven’t received the email or need help accessing your dashboard, you can get in touch with

Completing your finance set up

In your affiliate application, the details you’ve provided for your personal information was collected for your finance set up. Before you can receive payment for your commissions, you’ll need to fill in your financial details.

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Click the More icon above your profile and choose Settings.

Near the bottom of the page, under Finance, choose Bank Account.

You will be taken to the Bank Account screen. Choose your preferred payment method. Note: You can choose to use the bank details you provided in your affiliate application or set up one with Paypal*.

In the same screen, select a payment schedule. You can choose to be paid when your earnings hit a certain amount (such as $1,000 or $10,000) or on a set day of the month.

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Getting to know your dashboard

The dashboard might seem overwhelming, but fear not, it’s simple once you get the hang of it. Here’s a rundown of the basics.

Find an Ad to Promote

At the top of your screen you’ll see the ads panel. This is where to get started with promoting. You can quickly access creative assets and tracking links by clicking the blue button that says Get code.


This gives you a visual overview of how your tracking links are performing. You can change the date range by adjusting it in the top right corner.

Contract terms

This is the place to go if you want to review how the Canva Pro affiliate commission structure works.


Here, you’ll find useful, additional information that will help you promote Canva Pro to your audience — such as brand guidelines and value propositions.


Here, you can get more detailed analytics about your tracking link performance.

How do you create deep links?

You can also promote Canva Pro using deep links. These are URLs that send the customer directly to sub-pages for the product you’re promoting. They typically result in a better conversion rate (or a bigger group of people who sign up for Canva Pro), because they allow you to be more targeted in your advertising. In Canva’s case, these deep links redirect to some of our specific features — like Magic Resize or Background Remover — and design templates such as Facebook posts or Instagram Stories. Here’s how to create a deep link: 1. Select Ads from your top navigation bar 2. Click Ads and links 3. Under actions, select Get code. 4. Under the ad name, you can check if you can deep link with this ad—as this isn’t available for all ad types. 5. Under Tracking link, select Customize code. 6. Select Send traffic from this ad to a specific landing page 7. Select Generate custom code 8. Select the link, copy it, and paste it into the code of your ad. Tip: Impact has a handy Deep Link plug-in, which makes finding and creating deep links much easier! You can learn more about it here

Choosing your Canva Pro marketing materials

In your dashboard, you’ll find a range of pre-approved creative assets like graphics or videos creatives which you can use to promote Canva Pro. These range from banners you can display on your website to static ads you can post on your social media page. Here, we’ll walk you through where to find these and how to pick the right ones for your brand.

Where to find your creative assets

You can find all the visual collateral you need to promote Canva in the Find an Ad to Promote tab. This tab is home to an extensive catalogue of our creative assets.

For even easier access, you can also find all of our creative assets inside this Google Drive folder. Just save a copy of this folder to your own Google Drive account and you’ll be able to quickly grab your assets whenever you need them.

The different types of creative assets

We have a variety of creative assets you can share on different platforms. Here are the types of creative assets available.

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Custom ad templates

These ads are your standard graphics, which you can use for different social media pages. They work best on Facebook or Instagram. Did we mention you can customize them too? Find out how in the next section.


Our video ads are dynamic and highly engaging creatives you can use on social media platforms that support videos. They’re a fun and easy way to capture your audience’s attention in seconds.

Text links

This type of creative refers to text-only hyperlinks, which you can embed into the unique content you create. They work best in articles and are great for deep linking.


Our banner ads are perfect for blogs and websites. They’re set in the universal ad standard sizes, so it’s easy to use and upload.
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When picking out your ads, you might want to keep these questions in mind:

1. What Canva Pro features are most relevant to your community? 2. What kind of visuals work best for them? 3. What platform are you using to promote Canva Pro?

How to customize your ads

Want to make our ads and banners your own? You can now personalize Canva Pro ads with our exclusive collection of affiliate ad templates.

Just like any other Canva template, you can customize and localize these to suit all your promotional needs.

Having trouble finding the right ad template? Got an awesome idea for a new Canva campaign? Send an email to with your request and our team will get back to you.

Monitoring campaigns, clicks, and traffic

Once you start promoting Canva Pro, you’ll likely be eager to see how your ads are performing and how many commissions you’ve made. Here’s how you can track your campaign’s performance.

Monitoring campaigns, clicks, and traffic

We use a cookie-based affiliate tracking software to monitor how many clicks and sales have come from your unique link. There are two places in your Impact dashboard where you can access this information:

1. The snapshot: This panel sits on your main dashboard. It gives you a simple overview of your key performance stats.

2. Reports: This allows you to access and download more robust data on how your campaigns are performing. From the dropdown menu, you can select from:

– Overview: Get a birds-eye view of how all your campaigns have been performing over time

– Performance by campaign: See how specific campaigns and ads are performing

– Performance by day: See how your campaigns performed within a certain timeframe. You can also access previous and saved results.

Which metrics should you monitor?

Analytics dashboards have a variety of metrics you can look at. These stats not only help you track how campaigns are performing, but also forecast how much traffic you’d need to drive in order to hit your commission goals. Here are some you might want to monitor.

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The number of people who clicked on Canva’s landing pages using your unique tracking link


This represents the amount of times anyone took any action after clicking your link, such as a purchase, download or starting the signup process.


This is the estimated amount you’ll be paid out when you hit your next payment date. This amount may vary from the actual sum you recieve, as we have a lock down of one month to ensure the payment is successful and the user does not request a refund.

Sale amount

The total amount of sales your ads and links have driven in the timeframe you are looking at

Conversion rate

Your actions divided by clicks. This gives you insight into how many people purchase after clicking your link.


This refers to earnings-per-click, this helps you estimate how much you can expect to make if you get a certain amount of clicks.
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Commission payouts

If you’ve started generating clicks and earning commissions, here’s a rundown of how to receive your payment.

How does Canva’s commission structure work?

Everyone’s Canva journey is different. Our commission structure makes it a point to cater to everyone’s needs. Payment you receive for each commission depends on what actions users take and when. You can review the structure below:

Sign-up completed: This is when a user signs up for a free Canva account using their email or Facebook account.

On average, 25% of users who visit a landing page take this action.

Trial upgrade: This is when a user begins a free 30-day trial of Canva Pro.

23% of users who sign up will start a free trial.

Subscription charged: This is when a user upgrades from a trial to a paid Canva Pro subscription. It’s also when you will receive your commission! The user may choose between two different membership types:

– Monthly plan: You’ll earn a monthly 80% commission for the first two months of their membership.

– Annual plan: You’ll receive a one-off 25% commission when the user is charged for their annual membership

56% of trialing users sign up to a paid subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

The good news is, you won’t have to wait long for your earnings to be wired. Our payments are processed monthly. Once a month, you’ll receive payment for all the commissions you earned in the previous month.

This will reflect in your account on the day of the month you’ve selected in your payment settings.

The best place to see your earnings is the finance widget that will sit on the top of your dashboard once you have filled out your payment details. This gives you an overview of your payouts, including your available balance and upcoming payment. For a more detailed look at your earnings in the past, you can visit ‘saved reports.’

The finance widget also keeps track of when your next transfer will occur and if a current transfer is in progress. So, keep an eye on this to stay updated on the status of your next payout.

Resource Center

In order to best promote Canva Pro to your audience (and maximise your earnings!) we encourage you to familiarise yourself with our unique design features. The good news is, there are a few different ways you can do this!

We encourage you to explore Canva Pro first via the 30-day free trial that is available to you. If you feel you need more time, feel free to contact us for extension.

You will also find additional information in theCanva Pro Affiliate guideyou would have received when you were accepted into the program. This gives you an overview of the features and benefits, and how Canva Pro compares to Canva.

Innovation is at the core of everything we do at Canva. That means we’re always looking for new ways to help our users harness the power of great design. We keep our affiliates updated with the product announcements via email. So be sure to keep an eye on our inbox!

You can also stay ahead of the latest updates in the Canva newsroom hub

Still have more questions? Or have other creative ideas on how you’d like to promote Canva Pro? Please feel free to contact us at and we’ll get you back on track and promoting again!