Barbara Bezina's Portfolio

140 images

  1. Pink Thread on the Neck
  2. Roses in a woman's neck
  3. Woman's Sad Face With Light
  4. Woman Floating In Water
  5. Under Water Woman With Black Dress
  6. Woman Calm Underwater In Sepia
  7. In Her Mouth
  8. Woman With Leaf
  9. Woman With Rose
  10. Woman's Face With Peacock Feathers In Her Eyes
  11. Unfocused
  12. Arms In Water
  13. Woman With Her Blindfolds
  14. Cat on a Tree
  15. China Rose
  16. Cat in Autumn Park
  17. Twin Looking Young Girls Posing In Garden
  18. Little rose
  19. Daisies
  20. Black Bird On A Branch
  21. Woman Taking Flowers
  22. Eye with tear
  23. Drop In Tomato Plant
  24. Pink cat sniffing for shrubs, Image with red and purple sepia filters
  25. Grey Cat In The Orchard
  26. Cat Licking In The Garden
  27. Cat in a Field Looking Up
  28. Woman Next To The Window
  29. Women drinking water from a spring
  30. Wild White Flowers
  31. Fount Of Water
  32. Woman in Veil with Flowers
  33. Woman in Motion Backlit
  34. Cat in the Wild with Blurred Forest Background
  35. Elegant Furry Cat On The Ground
  36. Black Birds
  37. Woman In Water
  38. Red String Around Wrist
  39. Woman Kissing Flower Bud
  40. Veins
  41. Woman Face in Flowers
  42. Woman Face Blindfolded
  43. Beautiful violet flower
  44. Holding Pomegranate Flower
  45. Woman with flowers coming out of her eyes
  46. Woman's Lips Behind Ice
  47. Woman's Eye With Flowers Around
  48. Rear view of woman with long dyed purple hair against a purple background
  49. Beautiful Young Woman
  50. Pet Cat at the Grass
  51. Orange Leaf in Nature
  52. Woman With Flower On Her Lips
  53. Young Woman Touching A Tree
  54. Feet in water with rose petals
  55. Woman with braid
  56. Woman With Hair On Her Neck
  57. Woman's Face With Eyes Reflected
  58. Woman Holding A White Flower
  59. Siamese Kitten in Nature
  60. Flower With Butterfly
  61. White flower in pink hue background, red and purple sepia filters
  62. Lips Woman With Clay
  63. Rosada
  64. Woman with Flower in Mouth
  65. Woman with Flowers in her Fingers
  66. Woman Covering Mouth
  67. Woman Indoors with Sunlight
  68. Woman in water with petals
  69. Woman with Berry in Mouth
  70. White Turkey
  71. A black and white cat hiding in the big leaves with red sepia filter
  72. Woman With Peacock Feather
  73. Abstract Artistic Woman Portrait
  74. Woman on a Swing
  75. Sitting Cat In The Park
  76. Red Petals
  77. Aquatic Plant Flower
  78. Pink roses
  79. Beautiful Young Woman In A Dress
  80. Under Water View of A Woman
  81. Flower Stamen and Pistil
  82. Woman Standing By the Door
  83. Woman With Clay On Her Face And A Leaf with water On Her Mouth
  84. Woman In Black Dress
  85. Woman Standing in a Forest with Her Hair
  86. Around Neck
  87. Tear
  88. Female Legs in Bathtub
  89. Woman with Flowers in Mouth
  90. Pink Thread on the Neck
  91. Face of Woman with Leaves on her Face
  92. Red Petals On A Woman's Arm
  93. Close up view of Quince Flowers
  94. Woman In Nature With Flowers In Her Hand
  95. Bird On A Branch
  96. Woman's Face With Flowers
  97. Touching Her Collarbones
  98. Woman With Rose II
  99. Red petal
  100. Woman In Black Dress With Red Petals