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Distribute beautifully designed brochures to get potential attendees excited about an upcoming art event or exhibit. Create a unique design using art brochure templates, free on Canva.

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Printable art brochures by Canva

Opening an art gallery, hosting an exhibit, or promoting your school’s art event? Generate buzz in your community by giving away eye-catching brochures. An effective art brochure design contains the perfect balance of text and imagery—at once informative and visually compelling.

Working on a tight deadline? Design an art exhibition brochure within minutes by customizing one of Canva’s beautifully rendered layouts. Find art brochure examples and inspiration when you browse our well-curated templates selection. We have a roster of trifold layouts in various styles and themes, ranging from minimalist and classic to modern and abstract templates.

Looking for a brochure template for your upcoming art class workshop or newly acquired collection? We’ve got layouts that appeal to different age groups and audiences. There are cute and colorful designs for young learners, and timeless templates for serious art aficionados. We also have art catalogue templates that galleries can use to promote their pieces to potential buyers.

Canva’s selection of art brochure templates are free for anyone to grab, remix, and edit. If you can’t find a template that matches what you had in mind, you can design one from scratch. Incorporate concepts and ideas from other templates, and apply them to your design with Canva’s online editing platform.

Use our drag-and-drop tools and extensive media library to craft a brochure worthy of your artistic event. Upload images of your featured artist or new gallery wing. Once you’re done with the brochure draft, let your colleagues review your file so they can give their creative input or revise it as needed. If you’re designing for a client, give them commenting access to your draft. That way, they can provide feedback straight onto your art brochure template.

Got your brochure ready to print? Save a copy of the file and send it over to your professional printing shop. Better yet, order a stack of brochures from Canva Print. Choose your preferred paper finish and quantity, and get these high-quality, eco-conscious prints delivered straight to your door.