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Our 12 lesson online course will help get your businesses branding on track in no time. Find out what we mean when we talk about branding and why branding matters to you or your business.

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The thickness of your business cards depends on your paper selection.

The thickness of card paper stocks is measured in PT (Point), and we also consider the weight of the card, which is measured in GSM (Grams per Square Meter).

We have selected the best paper stocks so you can choose from our lighter Standard paper (13pt thickness, 297gsm weight), our mid-weight Premium (15pt, 350gsm), or our thickest Deluxe paper (16pt thickness, 325gsm weight in matte or gloss, and 32pt thickness, 650gsm weight in uncoated or soft touch).

Finishes are like the icing on top of the cake, making your business cards look and feel very different.

  • Matte business cards are low sheen. This finish won’t alter how the colors look, and you can even write on them easily.
  • Gloss business cards are shiny. This finish gives depth, making your photos pop and colors be more vibrant. This finish also protects the cards from rubbing or dirt, because of that, you can’t write on them.
  • Uncoated business cards don’t have any coating, so you can touch the grain and feel the natural paper. Colors printed in uncoated papers look warmer and softer. You can write on them.
  • Soft touch business cards have a shine-free, velvety lamination that feels very smooth to the touch. This lamination makes photos and colors appear softer, it gives the card some protection from dirt but you can still write on them.

Glad you asked! It is recommended to always use fonts that are 7pt or bigger to ensure legibility. Smaller fonts may look big on your screen but won’t print well if too small. Also, consider using sans-serif fonts for smaller lines of text. Sans serif fonts don’t have the small features on the ends of strokes, like the classic Helvetica font.

And lastly, a design tip: Don’t mix too many fonts in the one design. Keeping it to 2 fonts will make your business card look professional.

If you are using Canva images and designs, and you print with us, there’s nothing to worry about. All our designs and images are optimized for print.

If you are uploading photography or non-vector artwork (e.g. JPEGs), please make sure they are no less than 96dpi (ideally at 300dpi). If your designs are a mix of photography and design, make sure the embedded photographs used are above the recommended pixel sizes.

What you design is your business, but Canva can help