Hair salon business cards

Hair salon business cards

Build your clientele with expert hairstyling techniques and the finest cut of hair salon business card ideas to edit and print from our free and professional templates.

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Hair salon business cards
Hair salon business cards

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Printable hair salon business cards by Canva

When people entrust you to style their hair and give them a brand new look, chances are, they’ll keep coming back if they are satisfied with your work. As you build your relationship with your clients, you can also introduce yourself to new ones and expand your clientele. Have your hair salon business card ready anytime someone wants to avail of styling services so that you’ll be the first on their mind.

Use Canva’s free business card templates for your hair salon, and you’ll be able to customize your project without any design experience easily. Browse our templates gallery for professional business card ideas that suit your hair salon’s market and your versatility. You’ll find minimalist, monochromatic, and timeless layouts, as well as trendy, youthful designs with colorful highlights. Go masculine, feminine, or gender-neutral; it’s up to you. Just browse through our examples of hair salon business cards to find one that fits you.

Once you’ve found a template, customize the design for your hair salon business card in your dashboard. Many business cards make use of both sides of the card for a more professional look, and you’ll be able to do that as well. You can also adjust the color palette of the initial template design of your hair salon business card to fit your branding. Edit the text with your name and contact details and upload your salon’s logo. Browse more free and premium elements in our media library to add or replace the preset graphics in your template. You won’t find a lack of icons for scissors, patterns for curly and wavy lines, and even vectors for different hairstyles.

After you’ve finished customizing your hair salon business card template, download a high-resolution copy of your project in JPEG or PNG format. Though you can print this on your own, you can also send the project to us. We’ll take care of your professional printing needs at an affordable rate and ship it with no extra charge. Just as your clients put a lot of trust in your styling, you can trust in Canva to get a stylish cut for your business card.