Simple business cards

Simple business cards

Create a clean-cut calling card for your brand or business that’s easy on the eyes with our collection of free simple business card templates.

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Simple business cards
Simple business cards

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Printable simple business cards by Canva

Minimalism has been an ongoing trend for years—from architecture and fashion to food. Indeed, simple design has advantages over the more complex ones, especially when it comes to graphic design. They are easier to understand, more affordable to make, and relatively quick to adjust.

If you aim for minimalist business card designs, you give your audience and customers the chance to capture your message without being overwhelmed or distracted. Business cards are essential for marketing your brand and selling your services. It helps you network with other people effortlessly anywhere at any time.

With Canva’s collection of simple business card templates, designing in minutes is possible. Whether you want classic luxe, sophisticated, or simple modern business cards, we have a minimal business card template perfect for you and your brand. The best part about using Canva editor is that the simple business card templates are free to download.

To get started, pick a basic business card template from our collection designed by professionals. Add your business name, contact details, and other relevant information, and select the font style you want. Upload your photo or choose from over 1 million stock images in our library. If you don’t want to put a picture on your basic business card design, that’s okay, too. You have the creative freedom to design it the way you want. Change the background with solid colors or textured ones. If your design looks too plain for you, you can also add some graphic elements such as icons, vectors, or illustrations.

Once you’re through, save your design and download it for printing. For better quality, use Canva Print to bring your designs to life with the best color quality on premium, sustainable paper. In no time, you can start creating an excellent lasting impression for your business with your simple business cards from Canva.