Student business cards

Student business cards

Prepare for your career while you’re still a student. Always have a student business card at hand using Canva’s catalog of templates and start expanding your professional network.

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Student business cards
Student business cards

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Printable student business cards by Canva

Just because you are still in school does not mean you can’t be proactive with your career. As early as now, prepare for when you are ready to join the workforce. Begin by choosing from Canva’s library of student business card templates. Having a business card handy at all times will make networking easier for you.

Whether you are looking for a college student business card template, a graduate student business card template, or a Ph.D. student business card template, you’ll find a design that’s meant for you here.

Sign up with Canva’s design platform, and you’ll have access to a variety of free student business card templates. All of these student business card templates are customizable. After you’ve picked a student business card template that passes all of your grading criteria, it’s time for some essential tweaking.

You can remove icons. Add images. Modify the font and the font size. Add your name and other pertinent details. Remember that these templates are just business card examples for students. You’re still in charge and can apply changes to these designs as you see fit. To illustrate, if you are looking for graduate student business card templates, you can add icons, logos, and illustrations that will fit your MBA or doctoral background.

If you prefer to send an e-business card to networking prospects, downloading a PDF, JPG, or PNG copy of your card design is easy. And if you want your business card to be printed professionally, you can have Canva print them out for you. That’s another load off your busy schedule as a student. We use top-notch printing technology, and we deliver orders straight to customers’ addresses.

Take charge of your future. Be ready for your eventual career. As early as now, even if you’re still writing your thesis, get your name out there with a modern business card that screams “work-force ready!”