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Canva x HubSpot

We teamed up with HubSpot, a leading growth platform, to help their customers create and publish designs using Canva, without leaving HubSpot.

Combining the power of our platforms enables our customers to scale

Canva is one of HubSpot’s customers most-loved design tools which made our partnership such a natural fit. When our platforms are combined, we enable beautiful, personalized marketing accessible to all businesses, at scale. As we evolve beyond our initial Canva Button integration, the shared power of our platforms is gaining a lot of interest among enterprise level organisations.  We’re really excited to see this style of growth and can’t wait for more.

Limited time for HubSpot customers: 30% off Canva for Enterprise

Manage your brand assets and campaigns, all in one place. To celebrate our partnership, we’re offering HubSpot customers 30% off Canva for Enterprise.

What HubSpot says about Canva
The ability for our customers to open up HubSpot, design and publish their graphics to multiple locations, via the Canva Button, in just a few clicks has been a game changer for them and their businesses. With the Canva Button and HubSpot it’s just getting easier to have enterprise level power with consumer-grade usability, and our customers are loving it!

Simple and seamless integration

Our Canva Button is an API which enabled HubSpot to pull in the world’s leading design tool directly into their platform. Our partnership makes it easy for their customers to design visual assets and publish them with the click of a button, all from within the HubSpot platform.

All the power of Canva without leaving HubSpot

Our simple drag-and-drop user interface provides HubSpot customers access to millions of free and premium creative content including: stock photography, font libraries, illustrations, videos and music. Designing and publishing ads, email, social posts, or website content directly from HubSpot is so easy.


We’ve developed a range of resources together

Learn how to use Canva in HubSpot, as well as draw on our collective tips for developing and maintaining a high performing website.

All the power of Canva in a Button

The Canva Button is an API connection that will empower your customers to design with the world's fastest growing design platform, directly from your site. Ridiculously simple to integrate.