Introducing the
home for every brand
Introducing the home for every brand

Discover the magical new features to empower design for every team.
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Bringing magic to the Visual Suite

We’ve supercharged design across the Visual Suite with incredible - dare we say, magical - AI-powered capabilities.

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Visualize your design ideas with Magic DesignTM

Turn inspiration into design in no time. Simply upload an image then select a style, and Magic Design will whip up a curated selection of unique templates just for you. It’s the simple way to visualize any design, spark some inspiration, or quickly discover templates that are uniquely yours.

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Brand headquarters

Welcome to your Brand Hub

Create and manage your brand assets in one central place. Empower your team to create consistent content, stay organized, and always be on-brand.

Set up your brand

Set up, organize, and update your brand assets in one place.

Kit out your Brand Kit

Centralize your brand. Keep your logos, colors, fonts, graphics, and brand guidelines in one place.

Fine-tune with Brand Control

Set your Brand Controls and be confident your team is always on-brand.

Create Brand Templates for your team

Design and share Brand Templates for your team to create compelling on-brand content quickly.

Design between the Brand Guidelines

Give your team instructions right where they need them by adding written guidelines to your Brand Kit.

Stay organized with Brand Folders

Set up Brand Folders to keep your branding projects organized and accessible for your team.

Perfect Designs with Template Assistant

Design templates for your team, and Template Assistant will check for formatting errors.

Stay on brand

Empower everyone in your team to design on-brand.

Manage your brand with admin controls

Stay across team and content management and create an organizational structure that works for you.

Apply your brand right within the editor

Build brand consistency and have your assets right where you need them.

Scale output with Brand Templates

Save time on repetitive design tasks. Empower everyone to be a brand builder.

Access content easily by pinning folders

Pin your favorite, relevant or most used content. Always find your content where you need it.

Collaborate on your content

Get everyone on board with managing your brand. Connect and collaborate in real time with your team.

Streamline your approval workflow

Keep your design approvals in Canva and manage how your brand shows up in the world.

Scale your brand

Grow with your brand, and update your content easily with Canva.

Instantly update your brand

Magically replace your logos and brand imagery across all your existing and new designs in just a few clicks.

Import and transform any design file

Seamlessly import PowerPoints, Adobe Photoshop files, or PDFs to turn them into editable Canva designs.

Save time resizing your designs

Save hours of design time with Magic Resize (Pro). Instantly resize your finished design for any platform.

Weave Canva into your workflow

Effortlessly integrate Canva with your existing platforms, like Sharepoint, Slack, Google Drive, and more.