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Want to put your app in the hands of over 135 million creators? Tune in to discover how you can be a part of Canva Developers and build an app for our global, engaged community on Canva.

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Getting to know Canva and our global community of 135M+ creators

Learn about the people who use Canva every month, and find opportunities to successfully build or integrate apps that will help them achieve their goals.

Building successful apps with Canva

Hear from our beta developers and gain valuable insights into how they built apps with ease and expanded their reach with the help of the Canva Developers Platform.

Building an excellent app

Get inspired by Canva's product design principles and discover how to go from simple to superb when building Canva Apps.

The making of the Canva Apps SDK

Gain valuable insights and lessons learned throughout the product's lifecycle as our team shares how they built and evolved the Canva Apps SDK.

What's next for Canva Developers

Get a sneak peek at our upcoming APIs and developer tool updates that will be available on the Canva Developers Platform soon.
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Join Canva Developers

Be a part of the community and get direct access to resources that will empower you to build an app, integrate your brand, and expand your reach on Canva.

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