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How GivingTuesday scaled their generosity movement with Canva to reach millions of people worldwide


  • Operating over 85 nations, GivingTuesday can quickly create, translate and publish social content templates across all their platforms, thanks to Canva.
  • The 2021 GivingTuesday campaign saw more than US $2.78B raised in 24 hours in the U.S. alone, and over 20 billion impressions across social platforms globally.
  • To further spread its kindness message and impact, GivingTuesday makes templates available(opens in a new tab or window) to its global community in Canva for fast sharing and amplification.
  • Canva features such as Brand Kit, Magic Resize, Background Remover, and the stock image library have saved large amounts of time for GivingTuesday’s nonprofit participants, organizers, and supporters.


GivingTuesday(opens in a new tab or window) is the world’s largest generosity movement dedicated to empowering people to spread acts of kindness. What started as an annual day in 2012 has launched into a year-round giving event that’s celebrated in more than 80 nations and over 100 languages. Now in its 10th year, GivingTuesday is driven by the force of social media and has raised billions of dollars for charities globally.

The Challenge

GivingTuesday positively impacts millions of people across the globe. As a rapidly expanding nonprofit with staff across the world, delivering quality visual information to engage and inform communities across social media has been paramount to success.

However, as Kathleen Murphy Toms, GivingTuesday’s Director of Digital Strategy says, having access to affordable design resources and expertise is a common challenge for any grassroots organization.

“Nonprofits who have to focus their time, energy, and resources toward their missions might not have the expertise to use elaborate graphic design and video production tools,” she says.

The inability to connect, collaborate, and easily share localized information with a central tool added to the GivingTuesday team’s workload, as few staff had the design experience to make fast updates.

The Solution

GivingTuesday rolled out Canva For NonProfits(opens in a new tab or window) in 2014 to give staff central access to visual materials.

Canva became the centralized design tool for remote teams to access on-brand templates. Team members could easily adapt and share content quickly in local languages, eliminating wait times for specific design requests.

The Canva platform also served as a one-stop location to empower GivingTuesday’s global community to access video and social media templates to further amplify the generosity movement.

And the impact of that movement has been enormous: the 2021 GivingTuesday campaign saw more than US $2.78B raised in 24 hours, and over 20 billion impressions across social platforms globally.

Quotation mark
“GivingTuesday exists to build the world that we all imagine to be possible. If every one of us woke up every day thinking about what we can do to give back to help the causes that we're most passionate about, we could change the world."

Kathleen Murphy Toms

Director of Digital Strategy, GivingTuesday

Scaling the GivingTuesday mission

GivingTuesday is all about giving back, and Canva enables the global movement to actively support their network of nonprofits and followers in order to effortlessly scale the mission’s impact across the world.

Each year, the GivingTuesday team makes campaign assets available in Canva(opens in a new tab or window) for their global community members to easily download and instantly share on social media year-round.

Templates for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as email banners or letterheads are easily accessible from the pre-made collection of GivingTuesday designs.

Kathleen says this creative platform has been a “game-changer” for the organization, and has supported the global social movement’s viral success, ensuring assets shared can be easily adapted and translated.

“It’s the sheer ability for us to reach a scale that we’ve not been able to reach before,” she says.

“Whether its a nonprofit, a school, a faith-based organization – to be able to access those materials that we create, customize them, make them their own, add their own logos, their own thoughts and sentiments about why it is that they are participating in GivingTuesday, this has made a huge difference in the way that our audiences to join the movement.”

Engage communities with relevant content

Prior to Canva, GivingTuesday teams were limited to templates largely in English, impacting how information was shared in non-English speaking countries. Unless staff had experience with technical design tools, templates could not be easily updated and localized for teams to use in other region.

Today, GivingTuesday teams, no matter their design experience, operate at speed with Canva. The design platform allows for instant access to templates, colors, fonts and Brand Kit information that staff can easily localize and quickly distribute, scaling how they visually communicate their important mission.

Non-profits can also utilize Canva's document translator(opens in a new tab or window) tool to maintain standardized content and messaging consistency. It could ensure that all communication materials, regardless of the language they are originally created in, are translated uniformly, preserving the organization's mission and branding.

“Canva has allowed us to empower our local leaders to take the GivingTuesday movement and adapt it in a way that makes sense for them,” Kathleen says.

This process, Kathleen notes, has saved teams enormous amounts of time, and unlocked autonomy.

“The ability to be able to quickly translate(opens in a new tab or window) our materials into hundreds of different languages quickly, efficiently, without having to have a certain software or a certain skill set, has been an absolute game-changer for us.”

Collaborating as a Team in Canva

As a 100% remote workforce operating in multiple timezones, Canva’s real-time collaboration capabilities enables the team to stay connected, quickly approve and comment on work, no matter their location.

“With our team being spread out across 85 nations, it's absolutely crucial for us to be able to collaborate not only quickly, but efficiently. And Canva has been critical to support that process,” Kathleen says.

All GivingTuesday staff using Canva can instantly dive into a presentation template to collaborate, add comments or make changes. Similarly, they have instant access to Canva’s asset library to source images and music for social media content, such as quickly creating, approving and sharing a social media video.

To collaborate in a frictionless design platform like Canva has given back huge amounts of time to the people and organizations that participate in GivingTuesday, enabling staff to focus more on the work they do in communities and amplifying their important mission.

“I can’t put it into words what a gift Canva has been to help our team do our work to scale generosity and work toward building a better world."
Kathleen Murphy Toms
Director of Digital Strategy, GivingTuesday

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