Clear communication in times of crisis

Rally the community and get help to those who need it most with these ready-made toolkits.

When natural disasters strike, it’s in our nature to help.

Provide people with opportunities to help with relief efforts, the moment a natural disaster hits.

Displaced and in desperate need of assistance

Every year, millions are forced to flee due to conflict, political unrest or unacceptable living conditions. They need to be heard, and they need our support.

Nothing is more important than our health

Whether you’re trying to contain the spread of disease, fund urgent research or promote health services during a pandemic, communication is crucial.

Play a part in ending poverty

Poverty affects billions of people all around the world. They rely on the kindness and compassion of others for basic necessities.

Stand up against injustice

Raise your voice for important issues and help create meaningful change.

Canva Pro for Free!

Our Canva for Nonprofits program unlocks all the premium features of Canva Pro – for free.

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We hope these templates help keep people informed and engaged during a crisis.