Eligibility guidelines

Please refer to the information below to know about our eligibility guidelines for our Nonprofit Program.

Qualifying organizations for Canva’s Nonprofit Program

To be verified as a nonprofit, your organization needs to be:

  • Recognised as a charitable or a nonprofit organizations by the local regulator in the country where you are registered
  • Operating on a not-for-profit basis
  • Operating for the public benefit

Organizations that DO NOT qualify for Canva’s Nonprofit Program

Registered charitable organizations that fall under one of the below categories, are not eligible for Canva for Nonprofits:

  • Legislative
  • Political Activity
  • Governmental
  • Education, including preschool, nursery & kindergarten, primary, elementary & K-12 School, higher education, universities, vocational and technical School, alumni groups, scholarships, student welfare, special education, graduate & professional school, student services, undergraduate college, charter school
  • Professional sports
  • Financial services
  • Business development
  • Professional organizations & societies
  • Job training
  • Mutual organization
  • Fraternities or sororities
  • Employee/membership benefit organization

Required documentation

Note: Documentation required varies based on your organization type.

1. Registered nonprofit organizations (on a per country basis)

We’ve partnered with Percent to verify nonprofits to get access to Canva for Nonprofits. Different countries have different requirements for supporting documentation. For full requirements for each country, see Percent’s nonprofit verification guidance.

2. Social impact organizations with a mission consistent with a public or community benefit
  • Governing documentation that states your mission and how all your activities are focused on achieving this mission.
  • "Mission consistent with a public or community benefit" means a social, environmental, cultural or economic mission that aims to tackle social problems by improving communities, people’s life chances or the environment.
  • The governing documents of your organization must clearly spell out your mission and show that all your activities are focused on achieving this mission (rather than creating a profit).
3. Public health organizations, and government entities assisting with public health
  • You need to show evidence of your public health status - determination of which is at the discretion of Canva.