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Sustainable Development Goals: The world’s most important to-do list.

Each goal focuses on an important issue and requires a collective effort on a global scale. To enjoy the future we want, we need to achieve these goals by 2030.
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Big change starts small

It’s not about a select few taking drastic action. It’s about all of us taking little steps. Something as simple as creating a social post can make a difference.

At the heart of change is communication

The more people who know about the SDGs, the better. Awareness ensures communities stay active and governments are held accountable. Share the SDGs and your templates with friends and family.

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Is your business doing their bit?

Businesses, big and small, have been working towards solving issues through innovation and collaboration. Sharing your own business’s plan and progress is a great way to inspire others and connect with like-minded organizations.

Presentations with purpose

These presentation templates are perfect for educating others on the importance of the SDGs or for updating the team on your organization’s progress.

Social media for social good

The best way to engage the broader community is through social media. You can share ideas, raise awareness or start discussions that lead to change.

Commit to sustainability

Report on what matters. Provide transparency and accountability on your environmental, social and governance (ESG) impact with interactive digital annual report websites.

The right photo for the job

We’ve curated hundreds of amazing images per each SDG goal. You can find these by searching keywords, like ‘SDG1’, ‘SDG2’ or ‘SDG3’.

Have you heard about our Challenge for Change?

It’s a 30-day interactive challenge that tackles global issues. You can take it at your own pace and score a prize in the process.

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17 Goals. 169 tasks. 193 Countries. 1 outcome.

There’s a big job ahead of us, but if everyone plays a part, the world will be a better place for it.