Valentine's Day Card Templates

Make Valentine's Day extra special by sending your loved one a personalized card with a punny greeting, or a photo of you two front and center.

Valentine's Day Card Templates

Valentine's Day Card Templates by Canva

Remember making Valentine’s Day cards back in kindergarten, using colored paper and macaroni to greet your classmates? Maybe you added glitter for your best friend’s, or doodled your favorite teacher’s face with a bright blue crayon? But as you got older, you purchased cards instead. Most of them were attached to bouquets, too.

These days, people rarely have time and money for such grand gestures anymore. That’s why Canva combined the beauty of DIY with the efficiency of the Internet. Greet loved ones with a card you made yourself, then send it out in minutes! It’s better than using a typical store-bought design, because even our templates can be customized to suit the personality of your special someone.

Spread the love with our amazing collection of Valentine’s Day looks, which range from romantic to quirky to just plain funny. Editing designs is so easy; you might just fall in love with our drag-and-drop tools! Sart by adding a personalized message onto our pre-set text-holders. Choose a different font from our wide collection, then change the colors with our helpful palette tool. Want more hearts and flowers? Open our library and search millions of icons, illustrations, and shapes for the perfect graphic. We also have an Apply to All feature, which can help you be more consistent with the look of your design. Then, use our frames and upload those cheesy couple photos. Apply a filter or a vignette effect. Finally, download your card for printing. You can even share it online through email and social media. Make everyone want to be your valentine with Canva!