More than 17 designs are created every second on Canva. Our backend services are built to support our incredible and growing scale.

How our backend engineers work

Since launching in 2013, Canva has grown exponentially. Fortunately, our microservices architecture was built to scale from day one. This allows our engineers to focus on building new services, features, and functionality to support the Canva platform. Our roadmap for ambitious new products and services just keeps growing, so there’s plenty of opportunities to have an impact and grow as an engineer.

Our backend engineers sit in cross functional product teams, with every team responsible for their own services and architecture. You, as an engineer, will get great insight into the product and a seat at the table with respect to how it’s built. Thanks to the support of our infrastructure team, you’ll also be provided with the tools you need to get things done quickly.

Up until recently we’ve been hiring high calibre generalist backend engineers, but now we’re also looking for specialists in areas from machine learning to search to data engineering.

Brendan Humphreys

Backend engineer

Why Canva is a great place to be a backend engineer

We’re still a very small engineering team for the number of users we support, so it’s a rare opportunity to work on a production system at scale but not be a small cog in a machine.

Every engineer can make a major impact for a very large user base. We’ve got very high calibre engineers here, so it’s a great learning opportunity and you’re surrounded by a lot of engineering experience from some of the best companies in the world – Google, Facebook, Apple and Atlassian for example.

Brendan Humphreys

Backend engineer

Growing as an engineer

Working at a young company like Canva means that there are so many opportunities for growth, all you need to do is reach out and grab it. We’re supporting that with mentorship, a great code review system, internal education and more.

Cloud and AWS engineering

Our cloud engineers are the backbone of Canva, enabling each team to manage their own infrastructure and allowing us to seamlessly scale as hundreds of thousands of people sign up to Canva every month.

Machine learning

Our Machine Learning Engineers are applying modern data engineering principles to power the Canva experience. The team are building advanced search and recommendations technology to return intuitive and personalised results.

Some advice for people applying for backend engineering roles at Canva

In terms of the take-home challenge, I’d recommend that people read the problem description very carefully. There’s a lot of information there and it’s possible to skim it too quickly and build something that doesn’t solve the core problem. Approach the challenge as if you were delivering a pull request to your peers, to be merged into master and go into production.

During the interview we’re assessing you as a potential peer, so there should be some dialogue as you solve the problem. We want you to articulate your thinking as you arrive at a solution. That might involve asking for assistance, and that’s fine.

Brendan Humphreys

Backend engineer

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