Designing the future

Empowering millions of people around the world to design is an exhilarating career experience. Our designers are at the forefront of the Canva mission, responsible for the design of our much-loved web and app platforms, beautiful graphic libraries and of course all of our amazing document templates.

Our values

As a designer at Canva it’s your mission to create experiences that distill the complex into the simple and give ordinary people the ability to make extraordinary things. Canva’s entire mission revolves around design, and the design of the product is central to the philosophies of the company and its founders.

Understand the problem

Having a clear definition of the problem that we’re tackling before we start designing is incredibly important to our design process. This lets us know that we’re solving a real problem for our customers and understand the suitability of any solution that we come up with.

Show the future

Ideas for where Canva should be in 10+ years are bouncing around inside a lot of different heads. The biggest job that the design team at Canva have is to focus those ideas into a coherent vision and then transport the team into a future that we’re yet to build.

Just simple enough

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. Good design makes an image or product understandable - often that means reducing the number of elements, but sometimes it’s about adding the right extra touch to the experience.

Be human

We want our customers to feel a connection with the people who make Canva. This creates a powerful symbiosis between what we’re making and what they create with it. We’re all human, so we let it show in our designs and make relatable interfaces and templates.

Some things we're proud of

Canva design system

We’ve collaborated with our engineering team to create a design system that helps us scale our work across platforms.

Mobile apps

Creating a powerful design tool for mobile devices is no small challenge, but our work has helped millions of people access great design on the go.

Our teams

Our diverse collection of product designers, graphic designers and web designers all collaborate and share ideas, while spending most of their time in small, cross-functional product teams.

Design jobs