Digital Design

Our web designers create stunning web pages, design inspiration and resources that help millions of people everyday in their design needs.


What does a web designer do at Canva?

Our web designers create all of Canva’s public facing sites – from enormous blog projects like our Learn platform to our beautiful Help Centre. We also build great tools to help people in their design process, like a photo editor, a colour palette generator and a font combinations generator used by thousands every day. We’re helping create the community, inspiration and support that grows our core Canva product.

There’s a lot of variety in the web designer role at Canva. From user research to wireframes, prototyping, testing, design, implementation and iteration – you can be involved from end to end and have an incredible impact on each project. We work closely with engineers in small teams to craft amazing user experiences.

The idea is to have autonomous, empowered teams working towards a common goal.

Didier Sibellas

Head of Digital Design


Why is Canva a good place to be a web designer?

We have a huge number of people using Canva and a great community, so our web designers’ work has very high visibility. Our work has a real impact on how people design around the world.

As a designer, it’s also the diversity of what I do everyday and the incredible potential of the product. There are so many things we can do as a team and a company, and most of that potential is still untapped. It’s an amazing product to work with and the assets we get to play with are stunning – so as a designer it’s a great place to be.

Didier Sibellas

Head of Digital Design


Testing & iterations

Lots of our work is related to acquisition and retention, and to improve those metrics you need to be able to measure them. That’s why we do a lot of user and A/B testing and iterate on everything we implement.


Brainstorming & creativity

We have the chance to work with designers from a wide range of backgrounds and strengths - motion and graphic design, branding, video, web, UI and UX - this diversity in the team makes for great brainstorming and improves creativity.


Our design system

We’ve built a component-based design system that we can use across different teams - making the design faster and more consistent, and letting us focus on other important things.

Some advice to people applying as a web designer at Canva

We really focus on design and the user experience here at Canva, and we’re looking for creative and innovative people. When people apply we always ask to look at some previous work and projects – it’s one of the easiest ways to discover someone’s style.

We do appreciate seeing something online with real implementation – there lots of designs these days on Dribbble for example that look fabulous, but would never be implemented. On the other hand some great designers don’t always update their portfolio, they’re too busy crafting other cool things. So if your online portfolio isn’t up-to-date, don’t worry – you can share your work with us another way.

For the take home challenge, my advice is not to be afraid to put some effort in. I know sometimes it isn’t easy to make time for side projects, but it’s definitely worth it. Make sure to think through the design and the whole experience, attention to detail is very important. Never hesitate to add more to the brief. Make it your own, take some risks and propose new things while still answering the objective.

Didier Sibellas

Head of Digital Design


Meet Didier Sibellas

Head of Digital Design

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