Facilities and Admin

We’re making Canva a happy, healthy and productive environment - with great vibes all day every day.

How our Vibe team works

Our mission on the Vibe team is to make the Canva office a great place to work. You could compare our work to running a hotel – we have a full hospitality service, activities and events, rooms to maintain and even laundry! The other side of the Vibe team is planning, which looks after fitting out our new buildings and future planning.

We’re always working to make Canva more sustainable, healthy and integrated into our community, and we’re really proud of the lifestyle we’re creating here. Head to @CanvaLife on Instagram or search for #canvalife and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

We’re making sure Canva stays one big family even as we grow.

Chris Low


More than just an office

From our coffee machines, rock-climbing wall and beer taps to murals and greenery, we think our office is pretty cool. More than just an office though, we’re creating a Canva lifestyle.

With gym and yoga membership, internal clubs, popup events and more, the Canva life extends well beyond the office space. If you’re moving from overseas or interstate, we do everything we can to make the transition smooth.

Chris Low


Some things we're proud of

World class food, in house

With a beautiful dining space, in-house chefs, a bar and even a smoking room for meats, you could easily mistake Canva for a restaurant. We’re providing a real dining experience, not just free lunch and breakfast.

Our shared lunchtimes and communal tables open up dialogue and camaraderie across the company, and give everyone an informal window into what is happening in every team.