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This isn't business-as-usual. Join a team that’s tackling big projects every day, for a tech company that’s growing at a profound pace.​

How our team works

Our mission is to protect and serve Canva and its stakeholders. That means we empower every team within the company to work quickly and autonomously, while at the same time maintaining compliance in all areas.

Our team has its separate legal, internal and external reporting functions, but we all work together and have each other’s backs. We’re a close knit group kicking huge goals for Canva.

As a team we’ve only scratched the surface of the insights we can provide, and our potential to influence Canva’s strategic decisions.

Damien Singh

Head of Finance

Why is Canva a good place to work in finance and legal?

We have a lot of big, interesting projects to work on as a team. That’s a result of the pace we’re growing and the nature of the business. We’re not bank X or widget factory Y – we’re a startup breaking new ground. You’ll never be stuck in business-as-usual banalities at Canva.

An example recently was launching Canva for Print in multiple countries, which required a lot of new systems and processes as well as opening up some new global compliance challenges. That’s the kind of exciting and challenging project work that we’re dealing with.

Damien Singh

Head of Finance

Our values

We’ve evolved a set of five team values, which reflect the challenges and benefits of being a fast growing startup. The first is to be Risk aware. That’s in contrast to being risk averse – Canva is a fast-moving and risk-seeking company, so we need to be aware of risks while giving teams a lot of autonomy. The second is FLaaS – which means we see our Finance & Legal function as a Service. We’re not blockers to the business, we help people instead of waving books at them.

Do diligence is another value we always keep in mind (yes do, not due!). Even when we’re moving fast, we need to assume that everything we do now will be subject to external scrutiny in the future. Next is Tech first: we automate as much as possible, because manual processes won’t scale as the company undergoes massive growth. And finally we have “No ‘i’ in finance”: We’re not siloed into our functions, we work as a team and we’re always open and honest.

Damien Singh

Head of Finance

Some things we're proud of

Accounting and reporting

Accounting at Canva is all about looking forward and planning for growth, not just looking back on historical numbers. We need to provide the best information so Canva can make big bets and reinvent industries.

Legal, risk and governance

Our legal, risk and governance team protects Canva while minimising red tape that stops teams performing at their best.

Our teams

Meet Damien Singh

Head of Finance at Canva

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