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What frontend engineers do at Canva

We’re empowering people to design anything and publish anywhere – all from the browser. It’s a rich application and we’re solving complex problems, but we need elegant, simple and efficient implementations. That’s why we’re looking for candidates with great fundamentals. React, MobX and TypeScript are the cornerstones of our frontend stack, but we don’t hire for frameworks.

Canva values quality code, modular design and automated testing. We’re always helping each other improve as engineers, and in our small and autonomous teams you’re always empowered to step up and solve a problem. So if you’re looking for somewhere to grow as an engineer among amazing peers, this is it. There’s a huge variety of work at Canva, which extends beyond the Canva editor to Canva’s many public facing sites and dynamic work on our Growth team.

You’ll be joining a team that values engineering excellence and amazing user experiences.

Why Canva is a good place to be a frontend developer

It’s pretty awesome to always be learning and improving as an engineer. That comes from working with such a talented team. We’ve got a real culture of learning, for example our regular “frontend forums” to discuss new things that people have discovered. I really appreciated our mentor program as well, it’s good to know there’s someone you can turn to when you’re starting out.

It’s inspiring just to be working on a product like Canva. Whenever I meet someone who’s using Canva and they say that they love it, it’s a great feeling. I love being able to say “I made that feature!”.

Katia Shatoba

Frontend engineer

UI development

At Canva you’ll help develop a rich and fun UI that people love to use. We value attention to detail and a seamless user experience that has personality and spark.

React development

React helps us create complex UIs quickly and with more clarity. Its component-based architecture helps us reuse code and increase consistency, which helps us rapidly scale our engineering team.

Growth engineering

Frontend Engineers on the Growth team work quickly to develop experimental features, test them and improve our core metrics - acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referrals (AARRR).

Some advice for people applying for frontend development roles at Canva

In every successful interview I’ve been part of, the candidate has engaged with the interviewers well. Even if you don’t complete all the challenges we give you, you can still do well if you’ve explained your approach to the problem and verbalised your thinking. It’s really about demonstrating good logic and reasoning.

There’s a phrase we often use when we discuss interviews – “digging up”. It’s pretty easy to go down the wrong path while solving a problem and dig yourself into a hole. If you can realise that yourself though, communicate that with us and start rescuing the situation, it can be a good sign. That’s much better than persisting down the wrong track.

So if you’re stressed during the interview, don’t stress! You can always explain any problems you’re having. We realise that people are sometimes nervous, and we want you to succeed. It’s not a closed book exam either – you have the web at your disposal to use as you normally would, just talk about your reasoning along the way.

Damon Oehlman

Frontend engineer

Meet Joscha Feth

Frontend Engineer

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