Graphic Design

At Canva, your design work empowers the world to design. It’s the biggest impact you can have as a designer.

What graphic designers do at Canva

Canva’s template library is the heart of our product, with tens of thousands of designs already created. Our graphic designers make sure there’s a template for everyone, from rock concert event posters to boardroom presentations.

There’s just as much variety designing for Canva’s own use – keeping up with the needs of a growing company with everything from designs for our our web platforms to social media and even office swag. Whatever the project, Canva’s graphic designers put simplicity, ease of use and inspiration at the forefront.

We’re proud of the being one of the original online graphic design systems, and we don’t need to look like everyone else.

Lynneal Santos

Graphic designer

Why Canva is a great place to be a graphic designer

Designing for Canva is exciting – there’s new projects every day. Building resources for the editor such as templates, colour palettes and font combinations is great because Canva is such a huge platform and you never know which people around the world are going to pick up your design and love it.

Lynneal Santos

Graphic designer

A new era of graphic design

This isn’t your traditional graphic design company. At Canva we combine the graphic designer’s eye with powerful software, allowing many templates to be created from one designer’s work. We’re scaling graphic design processes to empower the whole world to design. We make templates that look great in over 100 languages and are flexible enough to accommodate different size ratios, use cases and more.

Graphic design at Canva is all about systems thinking - our designs are made to be interactive.

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