Takashi Matsuoka

Frontend engineer

Random fact:

I’m Canva’s resident Scotch Connoisseur.

Georgia Vidler

Product manager

Random fact:

I like to sing Jazz.

Scott Crowe

Talent acquisition

Random fact:

In an earlier life I was a tour guide on the Harbour Bridge climb.

Paprika Xu

Product designer

Random fact:

My name comes from Satoshi Kon’s film ’Paprika’.

Geryl Minguillo

Team happiness specialist

Random fact:

I’ve lived many lives and traveled to numerous worlds, all thanks to video games.

Linda Lin

Team happiness coordinator

Random fact:

In my uni days I wanted to be a skipper, and trained in Maritime Operations.

Damien Singh

Head of finance

Random fact:

I used to be the face of Leicester City football club for all their publicity.

Hannah Heffernan

Product designer

Random fact:

I was a pet portrait artist in Berlin for a brief period.

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