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Freelance Designer (Layout Designer, Illustrator, Animator)

Manila – Vendor
At Canva our mission is to make beautiful design possible for everyone by transforming the way corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, and educators work all over the world. Through this democratisation of design, we aim to have a significant positive impact on society.

Since launch in August 2013, we have grown exponentially. We are one of the world’s fastest growing startups and the journey has only just begun. Joining Canva now means you become an integral part of this adventure.

Our culture is unlike anywhere else and our offices are designed and constantly improved to let you do great work. We mean it when we say it is important to us that we create a workplace that you love coming to.

We take great pride in designing a product and an encompassing experience that users really love. Just check out our Twitter stream. Your colleagues at Canva — like you — enjoy being the best at their craft and coming together as a team to create something world-class.

Aside from thousands of professionally designed layouts, Canva is also home to millions of vectors for our users to use in their designs. Vectors play a big part in creating good design. Thousands of new vectors are uploaded in the Canva library every week to ensure we are regularly providing fresh and diverse content for our users. As an illustrator, your task is to ensure that these vectors are high-quality and appropriate for our users and the platform.

As a freelance designer, you will:

  • Create unique and original templates for various teams, themes, and topics
  • Produce illustrations and animated assets in different styles with high technique and quality while meeting user needs
  • Review vectors in a high-volume, deadline-oriented environment following Canva’s style and technical guidelines
  • Approve or edit vector titles and keywords for accuracy and impact
  • Curate vector collections for current design trends


  • Graphic design, illustration, and/or animation experience (graphic designer, illustrator, animator, multimedia artist)A strong understanding of graphic design and illustration fundamentals (visual and technical style)
  • Has an eye for current aesthetic trends, and understands how popular culture works and shapes society’s visual language
  • Has a strong stylistic approach. Beyond trends, this designer should have a strong foundation in what makes a good design, based on design principles and elements
  • A proven ability to select/create highly relevant, usable illustrations and animated assets with high quality and style variation
  • Visualizes various unique design combinations from a set of pre-selected components
  • Understands user thinking and interaction to improve usability
  • Must have an online portfolio with layout design and/or illustration samples
  • Must be skilled with Adobe programs, especially Adobe Illustrator (Adobe Animate is a plus)
  • BIR-registered
  • Equipment: Computer/Laptop (with hi-res screen preferrably) and high-speed internet

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