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Here at Canva, we believe that talent goes beyond borders - In order to build a product that's used by millions of people from across the world, we want to foster and develop a workplace that represents this user base.

We’ve relocated Product Managers, Product Designers, Marketers and Engineers from across the world to build the future of Canva together here in Sydney. The team currently represent over 30 different nationalities, speaking more than 50 different languages.

We provide full support with visas and relocation costs for you and your family (see our relocation video here).  All you need to do is apply.

Product Management @ Canva

The mission of Product Managers at Canva is to create the most accessible design tool for every person in the world. We believe that we can improve the world by empowering everyone to design and communicate visually. As a Product Manager at Canva you help set this vision, define what that future looks like, and build the products that get us there.

Product Managers collaborate with Canva’s founders to set the strategic direction, scope, and success metrics for product initiatives. We work across teams of designers, software engineers, marketers and analysts to ensure we're delivering an exceptional experience to all our users. We are responsible for implementing and collaborating on product strategy, road mapping, and prioritisation as our product grows. 

It’s our responsibility to see products through their entire lifecycle—from concept through to validation, build, post-launch analytics and iterations. Every day is a different challenge—one day you might be in a room full of product designers preparing research and UX flows, the next you’ll be leading go-to-market efforts in collaboration with founders and other teams. 

We're looking to hire another 5 Product Managers over the next 3 months - We're hiring at multiple levels so whether you have 2 years or 10 years experience, we'd love to hear from you!

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Our Product Management Values

We champion our users
We are empathetic user advocates and ensure we include and respect their opinions throughout our product life cycles. To understand how people use our products we are constantly asking for feedback, constantly testing our ideas with real users, and looking at data to find and understand user problems. We always aim to simplify our solutions so that they’re understood across the board. It’s also important for us to prioritise our users’ problems by asking ourselves “how many of our users will this change impact?”

We are the unifying voice
We are able to come into any situation and get everyone on the same page—aligning a variety of different stakeholders—all while staying cool, calm, and collected. Our job is to unify different skills to get the best outcome for Canva. To us, excellent communication means making complex things simple and actively listening to everything those around us have to say.  We prioritise people over projects and features, and we genuinely care about the wellbeing of our colleagues.

We never make it ‘someone else’s job’
As Product Managers, we seek to diversify our skill sets and fill in the gaps within our teams. No problem is ‘someone else’s problem’. If we see a problem with our team, the business, or anywhere else, we aren’t afraid to put our heads down—together—and figure out how to solve it. We know that there is no task too big or too small. If it is something that needs to be done, and there is no one to do it, we will do it with speed and grace.

We make things happen
At Canva we move quickly. It’s our job to keep everything moving and we endeavour to constantly help the people around us. If we find that processes and products are not moving as smooth as they could be because of a lack of communication, it's our job to get people in a room together to figure things out. If someone is hitting a roadblock because they don't have a solution, it’s our job to find the right people to help them solve it. Our processes are about constant iterations; inventing and improving everything. We know that to move quickly we often have to make trade-offs. At Canva, we always prefer to ship something simpler, than to wait for perfection and not ship anything at all.

We make our products special 
We care deeply about both meeting our users' needs and inspiring them in the process. We like to do our research—but we are authentic and original in our approach. We like independently coming up with new and novel ideas, and we don’t wait to be asked. As Product Managers, we are always one step ahead, knowing deeply the industry's best practices, and are always looking to beat them. We enjoy pushing the limits of what is possible, experimenting, and dreaming up inventive solutions to solve challenging problems. 

You'll love this job if ...

  • You have at least 3+ years of experience in a product management for a SaaS product, related online software product or digital product.
  • You are constantly motivating those around you through your passion and drive for what you do and keep everyone on track, ensuring everyone’s doing their best. You can rally the team to work together and make sure everyone is working effectively to reach their goals.
  • You have worked with engineers and have a solid understanding of web tech stacks. You’re familiar with the backend, frontend, and everything in between. You know that an engineer’s job is often to perfect the details; while your job is to map these details to the bigger picture. 
  • You feel at home when using data to make decisions—whether that’s analytics, user research, survey feedback, or in-person user testing. When presented with competing imperatives and a mountain of data, you can identify and organize clear, concise actions, arriving at appealing and practical solutions to problems.
  • You are a problem solver who is excited by a challenge. You have a structured process to problem-solving and can take a problem—with many moving parts—and break it down into small achievable actions. You know when to be flexible though, and can alter your structure to fit the needs of the team and project. 
  • You are a user advocate that values the backing of research and data analysis when it comes to creating modern solutions, shipping new products, and addressing your users’ real needs.
  • You are excited by the prospect of working directly on shipping simple, beautiful products. You’re aware of what it takes to get from envisioning ideas to delivering the final product.
  • You consider yourself a bit of a creative. You enjoy pushing the limits of what is possible, dreaming up inventive solutions to solve challenging problems. You believe in Canva’s mission and want to be part of the team making it possible.
  • You are a marketer at heart – You can demonstrate an understanding of the importance of growth, activation, and retention with respect to the platform and how that translates into user growth
  • You enjoy a little flexibility in your work. Our growth means there are constantly new things to work on every day, and as such it’s likely that you’ll be working on new and exciting projects pretty often.

What you'll learn at Canva ...

  • How to think creatively and collaboratively into the future. We are passionate, inspired, motivated individuals who are excited by big vision projects that give us all the opportunity to think like a business owner. 
  • How to push your creativity and passion to the limit, to solve problems that have never been solved before.
  • How to think beyond specs and roadmaps – applying novel approaches and design thinking to the entire product development cycle.
  • How to build products for millions of users around the world (190 countries, over 100 languages and cross-platform).
  • How to be a visual thinker. When you think you’ve made something as simple as possible, at Canva you’ll learn how to make it even simpler.
  • How to inspire and motivate other people to move fast, while still maintaining a high level of quality. 
  • How to take big bets to find 10x growth opportunities for a product.

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