Internal Coach

Sydney – Full-time

At Canva, we create tools that empower the world to design. Our mission is to democratise design and empower creativity for anyone and everyone, on every platform! Inspired by a team of talented thinkers, an amazing culture and remarkable growth trajectory – we’re out to change the world, one design at a time.

Since launch in August 2013 we have grown exponentially, amassing over 15 million active users across 190 different countries who have created more than 2 Billion designs. We are one of the world’s fastest growing technology companies and we have only achieved about 1% of what we are capable of!

We are trying to create something very unique, so throw away your playbook (or at least large chunks of it).

For our size, Canva is a relatively flat company. We pride ourselves on being goal driven rather than title driven and we are fiercely protective of our empowerment culture. We do not believe in top down management, we believe in helping all of our teams to reach their goals and to deliver value to our community through coaching and mentorship.

At Canva, we’re truly transforming the way the world designs. As one of Australia’s fastest growing startups, we’ve acquired over 20 million users in 170+ countries who are creating in excess of 10 designs per second.

Our incredible team is growing rapidly across both our Sydney and Manila offices and we’re looking for an Internal Coach for Sydney office to work within our Canva University team. You’ll be supported by pioneers of the meta-coaching methodology to help people set and achieve impactful goals through coaching.

Success in this role includes growing and developing individuals and teams to set audacious professional and personal goals and fulfil part of their life purpose through their expression at work in Canva.

As an Internal Coach you are:

  • High on initiative and goal-oriented: You initiate first steps in launching projects without waiting for permission, in order to keep up with Canva’s fast paced environment whilst also being highly motivated to set and achieve goals over time.
  • Strong in stakeholder management and resolving conflict: At Canva you will play a facilitator role for people who have personal differences with others and for teams who are not working optimally together.
  • Experienced in delivering professional coaching programs: You have experience designing coaching programs for individuals or teams, ideally in high growth or innovative companies.
  • Focused on people and affiliation: You care deeply for people’s well being, having strong personal relationships and a focus on incrementally working towards goals and evolving and improving both programs and people.
  • Solution-oriented: You love thinking on your feet, inventing and ideating creative solutions to achieve organisational outcomes.
  • Motivated by thriving in a team environment: While you’ll spend time working 1-1 coaching individuals, you’ll also be a key part of the People team at Canva, working alongside our Team Happiness and Canva University teams to ensure coaching is having maximum impact.

As an Internal Coach, you will:

  • Deliver internal coaching within our Sydney office for leadership development, opt-in personal coaching program, and team coaching.
  • Run group coaching workshops for critical thinking skills, life purpose and mission, self-esteem, confidence and efficacy.
  • Partner with leaders and others in the company to build roadmaps and plans to achieve their professional and personal goals whilst helping the business achieve its goals through effective leadership and communication.
  • Deliver Fingerprint for Success (F4S) group debriefs in addition to running team debriefs, retrospectives and conflict resolution sessions.
  • Launch blogs internally and externally as Canva’s Internal Coach about culture, empowerment and internal coaching at the company.
  • Review and refine Internal Coaching programs based on NPS scores, feedback, uptake and goal achievement. You’ll also take part in the design of additional workshops based on feedback and Culture Amp survey findings as well as F4S Culture Mapping findings.

Your northstar and key goals:

  • Individual empowerment: Every single person at Canva should feel empowered to do the best work of their lives, to feel challenged and fulfilled. Your goal is to unlock the greatness in every person at Canva, and connecting them to their purpose and meaning through their work. You’ll have regular 1:1s with the team to coach them in understanding their own personal intrinsic drivers and how they can make an impact at Canva. Your goal is for every person to set their own audacious personal and professional goals, then creating actionable plans for achieving them.
  • Team Coaching & Psychological Safety: We have new teams spinning up rapidly, so team cohesiveness, effectiveness and ‘psychological safety’ is paramount. You’ll help to facilitate working sessions with teams to strengthen working relationships, building empathy, understanding each other’s communication and working styles and resolving conflict in a healthy way. Your goal is that people responding ‘strongly agree’ to the following statements through team health checks, retrospectives, planning meetings etc. (I feel comfortable being myself in my team, I am able to share my challenges and frustrations with my team, I am able to speak my mind without fear of negative consequences, My opinion, unique skills and talents are valued, I feel empowered by my team members)
  • Developing leaders: As we’ve grown, we have seen many new leaders stepping into roles where they are suddenly coordinating large teams of people for the first time. Your goal is to support our new leaders learning on the fly, to set them up for success leading by example and building their confidence for taking on people leadership responsibilities. This program aims to build the essential skills for coaching, inspiring and empowering others, as well as covering topics such as emotional intelligence, difficult conversations and staying calm under pressure.
  • Group coaching workshops for personal growth: Everyone working in a high-growth startup is on a rollercoaster filled with ups and downs due to the constant change and rapid growth. You’ll hold workshops on everything from understanding ‘imposter syndrome’ to ‘resilience’. Your goal is to build confidence and self-awareness, cultivate a growth mindset and help people to see change, reinvention and pushing new frontiers as a critical part of our success.
  • Through individual, team and group coaching, you will be a key contributor to Canva being known as both the best company in the world to work and as the global benchmark for people growth and development.
  • This is a unique opportunity for an experienced Coach to deliver a world leading internal coaching program supporting Australia’s fastest growing technology company. You’ll help Canva become the global organisational benchmark in people growth and empowerment.
  • If this sounds like the perfect role for you, we’d love to hear from you.


  • Competitive salary, plus equity options
  • Flexible working hours, we value work-life balance
  • In-house chefs that cook delicious breakfast and lunch for us each day
  • Free Yoga membership
  • Professional education allowance
  • Generous parental leave policy
  • Pet friendly offices including a garden, climbing wall, unisex toilets
  • Sponsored social clubs and team events
  • Fun and quirky celebrations
  • Relocation budget provided for interstate or overseas candidates

Being a force for good

One of our core values at Canva, “Being a force for good” means we are actively working towards a world that isn’t just good for a small few, but one that’s good for everyone. We believe deeply that bringing together diversity of thoughts, perspectives and expression is key for building the best product for our equally diverse community. To achieve this, we need to constantly work towards making Canva the best place to work for everyone.