Product management

Product Manager, Photo Editor

Sydney – Full-time

Product Management @ Canva

The mission of Product Managers at Canva is to create the most accessible design tool for every person in the world. We believe that we can improve the world by empowering everyone to design and communicate visually. As a Product Manager at Canva, you help set this vision, define what that future looks like, and build the products and features that get us there.

Product Managers collaborate with Canva’s founders to set the strategic direction, scope, and success metrics for product initiatives. We work across teams of designers, software engineers, marketers, and analysts to ensure we're delivering an exceptional experience to all our users. We are responsible for implementing and collaborating on product strategy, road mapping, and prioritisation as our product grows. 

It’s our responsibility to see products through their entire lifecycle—from concept through to validation, build post-launch analytics and iterations.

About App Store Group 

The App Store team’s mission is to unlock the creativity of developers around the world to build apps onto Canva’s platform. 

We’ve invested in building an open marketplace powered by flexible APIs, solid documentation & processes but we're only just getting started! We are currently in open beta so developers can submit apps and we can refine our product further.

App Store is a marketplace so we have both the demand and supply sides to worry about -- where the demand side is Canva’s users (mostly beginner-intermediate designers across all industries) and the supply side is the world’s developers. 

We do everything from building new apps and integrations ourselves to test new versions of our APIs and deliver value to our users, to building functionality into our developer portal for devs around the world to onboard onto our platform and get building themselves. 

We do all of this with the goal of building a moat around Canva and making it the most indispensable platform on the planet.

About the Photo Editor Team

The Photo Editor team’s mission is to launch a world class Photo Editor to make Canva indispensable in our customers’ lives. The team has an ambitious roadmap for 2021 to deliver Photo Editing features such as filters, adjustments, effects, touch up tools, auto-enhance and more, whilst also building on the App Store’s APIs to give developers more capabilities.

About You

  • We’re after a go-getter who loves building things, watching them grow, learning from the analytics, and then building more!
  • We want someone who is comfortable getting their hands dirty and owning initiatives end to end – from discovery through delivery, go to market, then to iteration.
  • The person who gets this role will thrive in situations where we don’t have all the available information. They can balance the information that they have available to them and map out a path to clarity and execution.
  • This person will remove blockers and do everything to ensure delivery teams can build features with no interruptions!

What will you achieve in your first 3-6 months at Canva?

  • Settle in, learn the Apps landscape at Canva and help the team to execute on delivering the Photo Editor roadmap.
  • Research and identify the must-have table stakes features and the game-changing features our users will find indispensable
  • Collaborate with teams and leadership to ensure seamless delivery of Photo Editor features