Powering Canva’s growth

Join an engaged team of creative and analytical thinkers who are focussed on making the Canva brand global. From content creation to growth marketing and more, we’re looking for unique and diverse thinking that will spark high-impact growth on all marketing channels and platforms.

How our growth team works

At Canva, we look at growth from a holistic perspective. It’s anything that grows the company. That includes the whole funnel from user acquisition to activation, retention, revenue and referrals, as well as many areas outside the traditional marketing sphere. We spend a lot of time experimenting with the core product – we’ve even spun out new products from the Growth team, like whole marketplaces for templates, photos and icons.

The core of everything we do is moving the needle – we want our impact to be measurable.

Andrianes Pinantoan

Growth marketer

Why Canva is a good place to be an SEO specialist

There’s a lot of buy-in from the whole company in the importance of what we’re doing. Once an SEO strategy is validated, you can get almost any resources you need to scale growth. An SEO Specialist will never have trouble getting a project resourced, or getting people from different teams involved.

Sasha Gusain

SEO specialist

What content marketers do at Canva

Like all of Canva, we’re focused on empowering the world to design and we use content to achieve this. Via channels like our Learn Platform, we give our readers the knowledge and inspiration they need to to create amazing things.

We craft the content from start to finish. We write anything from blog posts to video scripts, and are highly involved in Canva’s wider content strategy. An experimental approach helps guide the work we do, so we draw upon data to understand the impact our content has. Content strategy helps shape every project Canva does. That means we work alongside digital designers, engineers, growth marketers and UX designers – essentially everyone!

Our team members have backgrounds ranging from entrepreneurship to radio presenting – and we apply all of that knowledge to reach a shared goal.

Lisa Miller

Content Strategist

Our values

If you have a really good idea for driving growth, we’ll do it. We’re not constrained by traditional marketing and growth strategies - we balance data-driven analysis with an ability to take big leaps on new ideas.

Bet against the status quo and be right

If you follow established processes you can be good, but you can’t be great. On our team we try to see the exceptions to the rule, not just the rules - that’s how you get 2x and 10x growth.

Autonomy and empowerment

Empowering everyone to come up with their own ideas helps us move fast and do truly original work. We don’t tell designers how to design, or content marketers how to write copy.


Everything we do is an experiment, and the faster we get results and feedback, the faster we can improve. Every experiment should have a clearly defined scope in order to minimise the time spent on it.

Getting things done

People aren’t limited by resources, they’re limited by their resourcefulness. We’re still in the building phase here at Canva, so we need people with the skills to get things done themselves - but we’ll help with all the resources we can.

Some things we're proud of

Increasing conversion rates

We’re always improving our metrics with experiments - like this change to our team invite dialog, which increased conversion by 88%.

Web and digital analytics

Analytics inform almost every function at Canva. Our product analysts comb our data for the largest growth opportunities, conduct experiments and drive huge improvements our key metrics.

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SEO Specialist

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