Our mobile team is creating a product that’s empowering the whole world to design.

iOS development at Canva

People need to design on the go. That’s why any feature you create for Canva’s iOS app will be used by over a million people on day one. We’re breaking new ground by bringing powerful image editing capacity to mobile.

At Canva you’ll be at the centre of the iOS ecosystem. We’re proud that our app was selected for display in Apple stores and is prominently featured on the App Store. We strive to use the latest technology from every iOS release. There’s something in our approach to beautiful and user-friendly products that unites Canva and Apple. Our Chief Evangelist is even Guy Kawasaki – you may know him from his days pioneering the same role for Steve Jobs’ Macintosh.

Team culture is very important on the iOS team. We’re an open, inclusive and diverse group with regular social activities.

Andrew Bennett

iOS engineer

Our Android team

Canva’s Android app is our youngest application – but even before we launched, we had hundreds of thousands of people on our waiting list. Now that we’re on the Play Store, our downloads have been incredible. Our team is still small, so as a developer you’ll have a huge impact and become the owner of complete parts of the app very soon.

Concurrency and a solid understanding of the Android framework are core skills needed in our Android Development team, as well as an awareness of the computational costs of working with images. We’re currently transitioning from Java to Kotlin, but a profound knowledge of Kotlin isn’t necessary when you apply.

You’ll join a diverse team of top developers who value open communication, teaching and learning.

Max Scheffler

Android engineer

Some advice for iOS Engineers applying for Canva

In the take home challenge, make sure you follow the requirements closely - if you spend extra time, spend it improving the quality and maintainability of your submission, not adding extra features. During the interview don’t deviate from the task, or worry you’re doing the wrong thing. If you’re not sure about something, just ask us. If you go off-track, trust us to guide you back. So if we tell you something, make sure you understand and ask if you don’t. We want you to succeed!

We’re explicit with everything we want at each stage of our process, we’re not trying to trick you. We don’t try and trick each other day-to-day, so there’s no point wasting your time and ours on that.

Some advice to people applying as an Android developer at Canva

Firstly - do it! It’s a really good interview process. Secondly, take the coding challenge seriously, because it’s the first view we get of a potential hire. Just imagine that every line of code will be shown to your colleagues - that can help eliminate unnecessary code.

Re-read your code from the challenge before you come to the second interview. Don’t be afraid of the interview though, we’re super friendly and we help you where we can. We’re aware of the fact that you don’t know every last thing and we try to make it as pleasant as possible.

Why now is a good time to join the Canva Mobile team

We’ve got so much more to build, and we’re always doing development on the bleeding-edge of iOS and Android. The team is growing really quickly and there’s lots of opportunities to work on fun things – if you prefer frontend work there’s plenty of that, and if you prefer architecture work there’s plenty of that as well. There’s so many smart people to learn from, you’ll definitely grow as an engineer.

Jane Abernethy

Mobile Engineer


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Product Designer

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