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Our UI and UX Product Designers create empowering user experiences that make design simple for everyone.

What product designers do at Canva

The biggest impact a product designer can have at Canva is to envision the future. You’ll be working on a small team with broad scope, building the blueprints that take our team’s vision from an idea to a world-changing product.

Our iOS, Android and Web product designers are all focused on making the design process seamless and easy. Our products should provide a great experience for people using Canva for the first time, but give those with more experience the freedom to unleash their adventurous and experimental selves.

There’s a very strong bond between product designers at Canva. We get together regularly, have weekly ‘Design Salons’, brainstorm and do a lot of ad-hoc collaboration.

Cameron Adams


Why Canva is a good place to be a product designer

As a product designer at Canva you have a huge audience – tens of millions of people. There are so many people who can be helped by Canva’s product, so you’re affecting the world of design in a very powerful way.

You’ll be working on an exciting product that’s rich in experience, interaction and variety, both in terms of the interface and all the new features that we want to build. Canva is only one percent of what it can be, there’s so much more yet to be designed and built.

At the moment we’re a very small and close-knit team, so each designer has real influence over the product, culture and the company. It’s a very smart group that gets a lot of things done.

Cameron Adams


iOS design

Canva’s web app has already simplified the design process, but on mobile we’re taking this experience to the next level of simplicity. We’re creating a seamless mobile experience so that anyone can design on the go.

Android design

As the world’s most widely used operating system, Android is central to Canva’s mission of empowering the world to design. Android Designers at Canva have a platform to reach millions of people and turn their creative ideas into reality.

UI and UX design

Our UI and UX designers are responsible for Canva’s most important feature - making design simple. Whether that means paring down default features or making interfaces relatable with a human touch, we’re guided by democratising design.

Some advice for people applying for product design roles at Canva

For the challenge, don’t go too deep on any one area, whether that’s research or making high-fidelity mockups. What we really want to see is your product thinking and focus on the overall experience. That means coming up with ideas that make sense, tying those together into a cohesive product, and then communicating those ideas to us.

Cameron Adams


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