Product management

The Product Managers’ mission at Canva is simple—to create the most accessible design experience for everyone in the world. We believe that great design creates social mobility. Our platform is built to empower everyone to create beautiful designs with ease. No design experience needed.

What does a product manager do at Canva?

The simple answer: whatever it takes to achieve our huge mission of empowering everyone to create anything and publish it anywhere. Product Managers at Canva come from lots of different backgrounds. We’re designers, marketers, researchers, analysts, engineers, and lawyers, but we’ve all got one thing in common — we’re problem solvers. We’re not scared of problems, we feed off of them.

In a business growing as rapidly as Canva, problems are everywhere. In a good way. So we’re looking for the brightest and most creative minds to come and help us solve them.

The challenge is great, but the reward is high.

Georgia Vidler

Product manager

Why is Canva a good place to be a product manager?

The products and solutions we craft are used by millions of people in 190 countries every day. Even though Canva is growing rapidly, we’ve still got a very small product team — so every single person we add takes on large responsibilities and has a huge impact on the business and on our community.

We work closely with stellar engineers, designers and growth marketers to define the next generation of Canva’s products on a daily basis, and we’re not slowing down in the slightest.

Georgia Vidler

Product manager

Some things we're proud of

Some advice to people applying as a Product Manager at Canva

Canva is a very visual tool and we take the user experience incredibly seriously. We don’t want one button or word out of place - we care deeply about the look and feel of the product.

Simplicity is the absolute key. Don’t over explain things - your solutions should speak for themselves. One of our core values is to ‘make complex things simple’, and our product managers need to be the champions of this value. We’re looking for both great UX skills (solving actual problems simply and beautifully) and great communication skills (this indicates a high level of empathy). Candidates that display both of these traits in the interview process are generally very successful at Canva.