Quality Assistance / Test Automation

We’re keeping Canva the world’s best design platform, by creating a test-driven culture and constantly improving quality.

What do QA engineers at Canva do?

At Canva we operate a whole-team approach to quality. We focus on prevention of issues rather than discovery, and on making the process more efficient as well as more effective. The QA Engineer is an integral role in our needs-based model, bringing a unique perspective, an appreciation of the entire development cycle, and empathy for all types of users.

Rather than providing a manual testing service to find bugs, our QA Engineers enable rapid delivery of high-quality features through scalable processes. We work alongside developers and product managers to make sure testing decisions are made as early as possible, edge cases are identified, and there is a shared understanding of what “done” looks like. We define and improve processes, identify the team’s needs, and align our work with them as we scale. We help teams to set and achieve big goals for quality, such as building new testing tools, improving coverage, and improving metrics around user pain.

We are biased towards automated testing over manual, as an effective approach as we scale. Writing automated regression tests at all levels of the testing pyramid is a key responsibility for developers and QAs as they build new features. We also have a specialised Test Platform team – these engineers do not write tests, they build the infrastructure around tests, as well as providing tooling, metrics, and support to the development teams to make sure that the dev experience around testing is painless.

Mark Hrynczak

Head of QA

Why is Canva a good place to work in QA?

I always wanted to work at Canva and I’m glad that my dream became a reality in May 2020. Working at Canva is fun and challenging at the same time which I believe is the perfect recipe for growing yourself.

Quality Assistance at Canva is a mix of all the good things that help us ship quality features. I love that I’m involved in multiple phases of the software development life cycle and play a key role in uplifting the quality within the teams that I work with. The QA role at Canva is quite different from the traditional role where you either just do manual testing or automate test cases or do both.

Here at Canva, you’ll find yourself doing both (manual and automated testing) plus a whole lot more! This includes:

  • Changing the way people think about quality by introducing it at the start of the process and using data to plan testing, including automated tests
  • helping the team ship quality features without affecting the development speed
  • building tools for the team to track quality

At Canva, we’re helping shape the future of QA. It’s a great time to join Canva and have a massive impact of millions of users.

Siddharth Salunke

QA Engineer

What advice would you give people applying to join the QA team at Canva?

During the interview, you’ll be asked to solve different kinds of problems. Make sure to read through the challenge and understand the root of the problem, then articulate your solutions well. With Canva being a visual product with many different types of users, attention to detail is important to us. Don’t be afraid to propose new or non-standard solutions as well. At Canva, we’re constantly looking to improve, so having novel ideas with coherent explanations is a big plus.

Technical skills are necessary to succeed in Canva QA so we’re looking for QA engineers with experience in unit, integration and end-to-end testing. You should have a solid understanding of software engineering, the basics of web development and testing, as well as knowledge of different QA approaches.

Hansel Mationg

QA Lead