Talent Acquisition

We’re powering the growth of one of the most incredible startup success stories in the world.

How our talent acquisition team works

Keeping up with the pace of growth at Canva is a challenge, and only a high performing and diverse team will enable the company to achieve its mission. Everyone on our TA team specialises in hiring certain skill sets across Product, Design, Operations and Engineering, but we support each other to achieve our ambitious goal – attracting the best in the world to join Canva.

We’re bringing the data-driven and growth mindset that we use on our core product into the Talent Acquisition team and measuring all parts of the hiring funnel, from candidate attraction through to onboarding.

It’s very iterative, we’re improving the recruitment process every day.

Francisco Morales
Talent acquisition specialist

Why Canva is a good place to work in talent acquisition

At Canva you have the opportunity to join a company that’s growing very quickly, but still finding its feet. Recruitment work in some settings can be quite transactional, but with Canva you’ll be part of the story of a young company and really have some ownership in the process.

Recruiters at Canva get to drive the whole recruitment process, we aren’t micromanaged. It’s great to get that kind of trust from the teams we’re hiring for, as well as the founders themselves.

Francisco Morales
Talent acquisition specialist

Some advice to people applying as TA specialists at Canva

When you’re completing the recruitment challenge, you should think about what’s right for the candidate and what’s right for the business. Not every strong candidate is going to fit Canva well in terms of their career aspirations, for example.

One of our fundamental values here is “being a good human”, and the most important thing we can do as recruiters is treat everyone like a person. Honesty and transparency as a recruiter will get you much further at Canva than sales tricks. You should think about the details and edge cases and be resourceful.