Bláthnaid Magill

SEO Specialist

Bláthnaid Magill

SEO Specialist

International SEO

How does Canva approach international SEO?

Canva’s mission is to empower everyone in the world to design and publish anything, anywhere! The first step to reaching a global audience is localisation of our high value pages. Next, we identify the gaps in our local content and create culturally relevant material to increase our organic visibility. Our incredibly talented local teams are the real key to Canva’s international SEO success.

With an incredible product, a strong brand presence and a legion of loyal users, it would be easy for SEO to ride the wave of Canva’s existing success. That’s why we make sure we’re only working on things that the SEO team can directly impact. We have a strong ethos of testing and measuring – testing all new ideas our team generates before scaling them, and making sure that the results are measurable.

Why is Canva a good place to do international SEO work?

Very few companies have a global mindset like Canva. Canva is only 5 years old but we’re already live in 108 languages! The possibilities are endless. Your ideas are not only counted but actively encouraged, and if they work, you’re able to ship them quickly.

Aside from all the benefits like incredible food, coffee and yoga, it’s the overall mission and core beliefs of the founders that make it such a great place to work. One of Canva’s core values is to ‘Empower Others’. It’s incredibly rewarding to work on a product that genuinely empowers people to achieve their personal goals, by giving them tools and abilities they didn’t have access to before.

It’s also inspiring to be surrounded by so many great minds. If you look at what Canva has achieved in such a short period of time, it’s pretty mind blowing. A huge part of that is the incredibly talented people that have built it to what it is today.  They say you’re the product of the five people you hang out with most, and if that’s the case then you’d do well by joining Canva.

What skills and attributes are you looking for when hiring SEO experts to do international growth work at Canva?

If you’re looking to join the International SEO team, you need a 10x mindset! There are very few limitations to what you can implement and achieve here at Canva. In my experience that’s quite rare to find in an SEO role these days.

If you follow Canva’s story, you’ll know that we set ourselves big ambitious goals. In order to reach them you do need to be a go-getter, someone who can make things happen. Another important attribute is self awareness – someone who is continually testing and refining their strategy and processes, and isn’t afraid to change things if they aren’t working. Mistakes are inevitable but the ability to spot them and pivot quickly is the most important thing. In a high growth company like Canva change is certain, so you need to be adaptable and thrive on variety.