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How Creart is taking on the US market with Canva

How one company’s plans to become a challenger brand in the print product market in the US are being powered by a partnership with Canva.

About Creart

Creart Print CEO Arslan Arshad and business partner Ricardo Alves Lima have big goals for their two year-old business, the first of which is to take on the US market.

Arslan is based in Sukkur, Pakistan, while Ricardo is located in Frederick, Maryland. Creart currently has 19 employees but Arslan says that number will grow as the business expands across the US, and then scales up to go global.

Creart currently offers a wide range of printed items including signage and magnets for the US market. Globally, it offers web development services, software development services, mobile application development services and graphic design services as well. When the company expands, it will offer print product services globally too.

The Challenge

Creart’s goal is to provide the US public with better design options at lower rates, but the challenge has been finding the right technology to make it happen. Arslan and Ricardo’s first foray into the web-to-print market started with an application called Lumise, but Arslan says it wasn’t able to do anything better than what their competitors were doing. 

He says, “That’s why we have developed this new website in partnership with Canva. By using the latest frameworks, we have been able to make the web application work faster.”

The Solution

For Creart, it was all about finding a competitive advantage.

Arslan says, “We chose Canva because Canva is the leading company in graphics and the design tool is one of the richest and easy to use for customers. So, in order to effectively enter the US market, we needed a powerful partner. We want to provide better services at lower rates than other companies working in the USA, along with the best design tool. Canva provides more than six million templates and is very easy to use with a drag and drop facility, so that’s the main reason we embarked on the partnership. Canva’s web application is also a lot faster than other companies’.”

Here’s How They Did It

All it took was to connect with Pooja Lala from Canva’s local India team to get the integration started. 

Arslan says, “It was easy to partner with Canva. The technical/engineering aspect of Canva was also easy to manage. Because it is a new venture, we aren’t sure what the revenue will be like but we are hopeful that with the support of Canva, we will be able to make the required revenue to make the partnership financial.”


The next six months will be critical in establishing Creart in the US market.

Arslan says, “We are hoping for a bright future and a long-term partnership with Canva. Because Canva is a globally recognized company, we gain the benefit of that initial trust with our customers. The next six months, hopefully, will be quite progressive. We hope that we will be able to make our place in the US market. We will be able to make our name and build trust among US citizens and will be able to achieve a good share in the print products market.”

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“Because Canva is a globally recognized company, we gain the benefit of that initial trust with our customers.”