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How note solved its header design challenge with Canva

Find out how one of Japan’s biggest publishing and community platforms overcame a header design hurdle by partnering with Canva.

About note

note is a popular online publishing and community platform based in Tokyo, Japan with over 130 employees and 63M monthly active users. note’s community had been asking for ways to make designing headers easier so note Director, Taichi Hirano, alongside Engineer Kozo Yamagata and Designer Yoshitaka Kawaida, came up with the perfect solution: integrating with Canva.

The Challenge

note’s creators post text, images, audio and video on note’s media platform. 

note Director, Taichi Hirano, says, “For some time, people have said, ‘I wish I could work with Canva’. Our users needed a header template tailored to the correct size for note. When Canva’s Japan representative, Shoe-G Ueyama, contacted us, we decided to explore our options.”

“Our creators were already using Canva so the partnership made sense to us. Canva’s goal is for ‘anyone to design anything anywhere’, and note’s mission is for ‘everyone to be able to start and continue to create’. This collaboration was born because the directions we were aiming for overlapped,” says Taichi. 

The Solution

Kozo says that the engineering process to launch the integration was easy.

“Canva focused on external collaboration, and the APIs and documentation were well prepared. Therefore, there was no particular difficulty in development – it took about a week from start to finish,” says Kozo.

Because Canva has a Japanese team, there was no issue with the language barrier as the local team were able to assist with communication. 

On December 15th 2020, note launched the integration to its community of creators. Now, when note’s users log into the platform, they can create and load a perfectly sized header image directly into their creative.

Months later, there are over 800 Canva header designs being created in note every day. This number is increasing daily.


The team at note is looking forward to building on the partnership in the future. 

Taichi says, “note manages such a big platform where creators live and come to play. I would like to hold events and launch projects that increasingly make design fun and that lower the hurdles for creation.”

note Stats

  • note has 130 employees
  • 800+ headers created with Canva daily
  • Note has 63M monthly active users

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“This collaboration was born because the directions we were aiming for overlapped.”