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How COBS Bread sliced design costs by 50% with Canva Teams

About COBS Bread

COBS Bread(opens in a new tab or window) is the North American arm of Bakers Delight, an Australian bakery franchise established in 1980. Their vision to become the favorite bakery in every community they serve has led them to open over 160 bakeries across Canada and the US, with many more on the way.

The challenge

Alina Pejkovic, COBS Bread’s Local Marketing Specialist, says their biggest challenge was designing and delivering marketing materials to franchisees.

With a design team of just two people serving 160 franchisees, Alina needed a platform that was easy for all franchisees to use, regardless of their design and computer expertise.

Likewise, they needed to improve and maintain brand consistency and wanted an option that made it easy to print branded collateral.

“We have so many franchise partners that have all different levels of computer technical skills,” Alina says. “We were also looking for a platform that had a print solution built into it.”

Canva Teams helps COBS Bread create consistent content with its intuitive interface and print functionality.

The solution

Alongside their needs, Local Marketing Specialist Alina Pejkovic says their everyday mission is to support franchisees.

Alina had been using Canva herself and knew it could give COBS Breads’ design team and franchisees the brand control and intuitive tools they needed.

So she proposed a trial of Canva Teams with 25 franchisees to get their feedback as they would be the ones using it. Their response showed Alina just how transformative Canva could be.

“We just had an overwhelming amount of positive feedback. They were so excited they couldn't stop talking about it. They loved it and we were just so excited to roll it out network-wide,” Alina says.

Improving brand consistency at scale

Introducing Canva Teams transformed COBS Bread’s marketing workflow. It led to decreased design time, lower operating costs, and better brand consistency.

Another benefit Alina sees in Canva Teams is its ability to scale with the future growth of the business.

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Canva has helped with time-saving, efficiency, and brand consistency, and in addition to that, I know we are going to be able to grow with Canva. Given the fact that our franchise network is growing, I know that Canva will be a viable option for us for years to come and that’s really exciting.

Alina Pejkovic

Local Marketing Specialist, COBS Bread

Introducing Canva Teams has already cut down design turnaround times by 30%, and saved them 50% on subscription fees compared to their previous platform.

“We've been able to reduce our design software subscriptions by half since the launch of Canva,” Alina says. “In addition to that, we're reducing our design turnaround times. We're able to upload templates and publish right away, so that is a huge saving right there.”

Since using Canva Teams, COBS Bread has halved their overall cost of design subscription services.

Empowering franchisees to create

Serving so many franchisees with a graphic design team of just two created a bottleneck that caused long delays in delivering marketing material.

Using Canva, Alina managed to optimize their workflow, break the bottleneck, and expedite franchisees’ design requests.

With Canva’s Brand Kit Alina empowered her franchisees to create their own marketing material from templates created by the marketing team.

“Our graphic designers upload all of the branded templates to Canva, and then they edit them, and of course, we help when we’re needed but all of our Brand Controls are on,” Alina says.

Before introducing Canva Teams, Alina’s marketing team had to design everything and push it out on a platform that franchisees could then access. If there were any changes needed it would quickly become a drawn-out process.

“The biggest win and success of Canva for us is how easy the platform is to use and how positive the feedback has been from our franchise partners. We also just heard time and time again how much time it would take them to get marketing assets.

“And that's why we love Canva, it's so intuitive. It's so easy. We want to support all 160-plus locations, and everyone's technical levels.”

Canva’s Brand Kit empowers COBS Bread’s 160+ franchisees to create their own marketing material.

Streamlining design delivery with Canva Print

Canva Teams has helped the Marketing Team with a critical aspect of their roles. Canva has saved her designers a huge amount of time, as well as each and every franchisee.

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Canva is so easy for them to use. Most say that they can jump right into the platform without needing any tutorials, which is a huge win. We’re spending less time with training, they are spending less time invested on the platform. They're able to get what they need for their marketing needs quickly.

Alina Pejkovic

Local Marketing Specialist, COBS Bread

With over 160 locations across Canada and the US, managing the printing and delivery of printed marketing material was time-consuming and expensive. Canva Print saved even more time for COBS Bread’s designers and franchisees. It further empowered them to get marketing material printed faster than ever before.

“The fact that Canva partnered with Staples and FedEx in the US really allows our franchisees to have more independence and get what they need quite quickly. So that's been a huge improvement and a huge added bonus,” Alina says.

Canva Teams helps COBS Bread’s designers and franchisees save time with its print functions and simplicity.

Making it easier to do more good

As part of their commitment to building connections with local organizations in the communities they serve, COBS Bread runs a Doughnation Day Campaign every year. Throughout the month of March, each bakery collected donations for a local charity of choice. On Doughnation Day, hosted on April 1 this year, $2 from every 6-pack of hot cross buns sold was also donated back to each bakery's local charity of choice.

In 2023, they had a goal of raising $375,000 and far exceeded it, thanks in part, Alina says, to Canva Teams.

“We were able to upload mass amounts of everything from social media images to reels that our franchisees were able to post themselves, and also share with all of their local charity partners. So it really helped to amplify this on all of our channels and we ended up raising $466,053.”

An ideal platform for a growing business

Having tested and rolled out Canva Teams with the marketing team and network of franchisees, Alina appreciates just how much Canva can positively impact the branding and marketing for growing businesses.

As a growing franchise, Canva is the easiest, most intuitive platform you can adopt and introduce that can scale your brand and support your franchise partners.
Alina Pejkovic
Local Marketing Specialist, COBS Bread