Donna Moritz

Donna Moritz is the brains behind social media strategy site Socially Sorted and an avid user of Canva Pro. Well known among experts, Socially Sorted was crowned Winner of Best Business Blog in Australia 2014 and was a winner of Social Media Examiner’s Top 10 Social Media Blogs in 2015

“Visual content is vital,” says Donna. “We’re all swamped with so much content — people are making decisions very quickly about what they’re going to engage with. It’s important to be able to catch people’s attention and then get them to take action on your content.”

Since upgrading to Canva Pro, Donna and the small team at Socially Sorted can easily share their design resources. With a number of visual pieces for social media distribution, each day, ensuring consistency between online platforms was consuming too much of Donna’s day. Socially Sorted’s branding kit is now quickly used between their Canva Pro accounts.

“The brand-kit has been great and I love the asset folders, it’s taking a lot of pressure off.” Donna enjoys the ability to team-share her illustrations, images and the brand fonts. “I use the magic resize button all the time,” she says. “With Canva Pro you can just click magic resize and it gives you three new pages for each social media platform, which is awesome.”

Rather than fiddling with individual graphics, Donna quickly creates consistent visual content specific to each platform’s size requirements. All of Socially Sorted’s images for Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram are designed in Canva Pro.

“It’s valuable for the cost per month,” Donna says. “We use Canva Pro as a team, so now I’ll just quickly change anything around. We don’t have to do the back-and-forth that we used to.”

This time saved is crucial to Donna’s hectic schedule. She’s also been using Canva Pro’s graphic templates to show clients how to make powerful infographics. “I think people get scared of making infographics,” she says. “Really, anyone can do it without engaging a professional designer.”

Donna speaks at social media conferences across Australia and the US. She addresses advice-hungry crowds, projecting huge images as her backdrop. They’re all crafted in Canva Pro. Donna says, “I’ve learned the hard way that you can never rely on fonts with other computers… So now I do everything in images. With Canva Pro there’s no doubt the image is going to show up correctly, so you can get your message across really well.”