Entrepreneurs' Organization

Entrepreneurs’ Organization is a global nonprofit, offering a discussion network for business people at every stage of their careers. In September, EO’s Facebook and Twitter reached over 400,000 people. Karen J. Summerson is an editor for their Strategic Communications department. Although Karen primarily curates EO’s Octane magazine, she’s been using Canva Pro to collaborate on visual content for social media.

“We have limited designers and are not trained designers ourselves,” Karen explains. “We needed a user-friendly tool that incorporated our Pantone colors and logos to create professional-looking designs, which we could use on our social media accounts.”

Canva Pro has provided the Strategic Communications team with a perfect solution. After only using Canva for a few weeks, Karen and the team are already creating on-brand content. Most importantly for Karen, these images are passing the rigorous inspection of their team of dedicated designers. Canva Pro is helping them to share the staggering design workload.

Karen has been creating shareable images which feature inspirational quotes from well-known entrepreneurs. She’s has also been creating images which promote EO member posts on the Octane Blog. This helps redirect attention back to the entrepreneurs benefitting from EO’s work – putting a human face to the organization.

By utilizing the Canva Brand Kit, these designs maintain a tone that’s consistent with the EO brand. Karen configured all their design elements into the Brand Kit, which can easily be accessed by the entire team. “The EO Brand Kit and team accounts are our favorite Canva Pro features,” Karen says. “Magic Resize is a great feature to use, especially for Twitter.”

The team received a free nonprofit upgrade to Canva Pro, which is a huge relief for Karen and the team. “As a non-profit, we appreciate that this service was made so accessible to us,” she says. “Upgrading to Canva Pro without cost allowed us to implement the tool into our department quickly and easily.”