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  • How under resourced nonprofits like Fistula Foundation, get more with Canva

How under resourced nonprofits like Fistula Foundation, get more with Canva

Obstetric Fistula is an excruciating medical condition that can occur during obstructed labor. Without easy access to health care, the child could die and women may be left permanently incontinent. Fistula Foundation are a California-based nonprofit, financially supporting Fistula treatment in 29 developing countries throughout Africa and Asia. Their latest campaign is raising $250,000 for Dr. Mabeya’s Gynocare Fistula Hospital & Maternity Centre in Eldoret, Kenya.

Jessica Love is Communications Director at Fistula Foundation. With the keen eye of Communications Associate Ashley Burke, Jessica’s been using Canva for Work and making campaign content to #EndTheWait. Thanks to an anonymous donor’s generosity, they’ve been pushing a month-long campaign on social media. It’s Fistula Foundation’s first time fundraising in such a tight timeframe.

“Canva for Work is helping demystify social media,” says Jessica. “Especially for nonprofits that don’t have staff who know how to size, resize and create images.” Jessica is constantly using the Magic Resize function, which instantly creates new versions of your design for each social media platform’s size specifications.

Before discovering Canva, Fistula Foundation created their images using Microsoft Paint. Now, Jessica and Ashley coordinate all graphic elements of online campaigns. Canva for Work’s Brand Kit helps create imagery that stays aligned with Fistula Foundation’s branding.

“Having our colors preloaded in the template is definitely saving time,” Jessica says. “I don’t have to find hex codes all the time. It’s nice to have that consistency every time I open Canva for Work.” For this campaign a hospital-robe turquoise is the principal motif, alongside Fistula Foundation’s signature brown.

Ashley has been creating a surplus of content for this month’s #EndTheWait campaign. She explains that Fistula Foundation have always been most aggressive on Twitter. Since upgrading to Canva for Work, almost all their tweets have been accompanied by an image.

“We’ve definitely seen increased numbers of engagement and retweets,” Ashley says. “Having those nice, dynamic images has something to do with that. Also, being able to organise our photos in Canva for Work has been a real timesaver.”

In the nonprofit sector, resources are thinly stretched. With every penny being directed at providing treatment to women across the globe, Fistula Foundation don’t have a budget for social media curation. Both Jessica and Ashley shout their support of the Canva for Good initiative, providing nonprofits like Fistula Foundation with a free subscription to Canva for Work.

“For small NGOs, you spend very little money on marketing and graphic design,” Jessica says. “It can be hard convincing management that it’s a worthwhile investment. However, I think Canva for Work has taken some of that scariness out of the way.”