Huffington Post

The Huffington Post helped reinvent the way we consume our online news. The New York based organization reaches 200 million online users, across various platforms. Candy Bigwood is Mobile Art Director at HuffPost, coordinating user experience and interfaces across iOS and Android devices. Her work involves collaboration across a number of HuffPost teams. Candy explains how the office-wide workload has been streamlined since the team upgraded to Canva Pro.

“At HuffPost there’s a large global editorial staff,” Candy says. “When an editor makes a request for a layout design based on an upcoming story, it’s easy for the design team to accommodate the request within a few hours. Canva Pro has proved to be an invaluable time saver. “

Candy cites this quick ‘shareability’ as Canva Pro’s biggest drawcard. Before upgrading, the HuffPost team would discuss designs face-to-face or via internal e-blasts. With over 100 team members, this risked an internal backlog. Now everyone shares designs instantly, meaning less time wasted on the back and forth. Editorial staff and designers can share templates between their accounts. Any team member can easily work from graphics drafted by a designer.

Maintaining HuffPost’s visual brand is vital. Their news site is immediately recognizable through bold use of photography and authoritative font styles, which are echoed on their social media channels. HuffPost use Canva Pro to create on-brand post templates for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. There are also Canva-made graphics peppered throughout HuffPost articles.

Candy knows that it’s unrealistic to expect their designers to create graphics 24/7. Canva Pro templates ensure consistent visuals, empowering the editorial team to create their own graphic content. HuffPost have begun implementing Canva Pro in their international newsrooms.

“Canva saves us time every day by allowing non-designers to use templates created for them,” Candy says. “There’s no design skill required or costly program downloads that have to go through approvals. Results are instantaneous.” Ultimately, Candy believes that the upgrade to Canva Pro has proved invaluable to the HuffPost team.

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