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  • When disaster hits learn how Stop Hunger responds in a flash with Canva

When disaster hits learn how Stop Hunger responds in a flash with Canva

Stop Hunger Now have provided more than 200 million meals to people in over 50 countries. They host large-scale food packaging events and coordinate targeted humanitarian relief. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, their creative team is a driving force behind recruitment. Carolyn Turney is the manager of Digital Entertainment. She crafts online online content that tells compassionate stories of hope and illuminates the causes of extreme poverty. In emergencies, Carolyn will often go straight to Canva.

“If a disaster hits, Stop Hunger Now needs to respond immediately in order to get food, clean water, blankets, medicine – whatever is needed – to the survivors,” Carolyn says. “We need to recruit all the help we can. Canva has been instrumental in making that happen. The quicker I can make graphics that clearly articulate our need… the quicker we can get support on the ground to help the people that need it most.”

Between Facebook and Twitter, the Stop Hunger Now’s Raleigh headquarters reaches over 1 million online users each month. Overall they have 20 US locations, and six more internationally, each with their own social media networks. Maintaining a seamless visual identity across these offices is vital for online credibility.

“Canva Pro allows Stop Hunger Now to refine our brand,” Carolyn says, “Ensuring what we’re saying and showing supporters (or potential supporters) in California matches what we’re saying and showing those in India, and North Carolina, and South Africa, and so on.”

Stop Hunger Now use Canva-made images to illuminate stories of hope and promise. The creative team use Canva Pro to create powerful infographics. Carolyn explains that with Canva Pro, Stop Hunger Now can can change the scope of each design according to its intended audience. They have flexible Canva Pro templates, ready to demonstrate either a microview (the effect of hunger and extreme poverty on the individual) or a macroview (the effect on a national GDP, for example). In either case, it comes down to simple, visual storytelling.

Stop Hunger Now have only recently upgraded to Canva Pro, as a part of the Canva for Good initiative. However, Carolyn claims they are already seeing positive results for international collaboration. Approved photos and logos are now organized by folder, ready to drop into any project. Since configuring a Brand Kit, their chosen colors and fonts are the default when starting a Canva design. This saves time and energy, both being precious resources to any organisation.

“As a nonprofit, we haven’t had the budget for a program that allows us to exercise such control of our story,” says Carolyn. “Having a consistent visual identity helps unite our staff, volunteers, and donors across national boundaries in our shared vision of a world without hunger.”