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Earning the title of darkest color thanks to its total absorption of light is none other than black. Similarly to white, black is an achromatic color (a color without a hue) and is one with a long history of use and importance that extends into modern day. The hex code for black is #000000.


Alongside white, black is one of the first recorded colors used in art, the pigment created by paleolithic who used charcoal, burnt bones, or various crushed minerals.

Throughout much of history, black has been a symbol of evil, (such as the Greek mythology underworld), mourning, sadness, and darkness. However, in Ancient Egypt, the color had positive connotations of protection and fertility.

Black went through many shifts in meaning, application, and perception from era to era and culture to culture. Eventually, the color was revolutionized and given a prominent standing in the world of fashion, quickly becoming a symbol of elegance and simplicity.

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Information about Black / #000000

In a RGB color space (made from three colored lights for red, green, and blue), hex #000000 is made of 0% red, 0% green and 0% blue. In a CMYK color space (also known as process color, or four color, and used in color printing), hex #000000 is made of 0% cyan, 0% magenta, 0% yellow and 100% black. Black has a hue angle of 0 degrees, a saturation of 0% and a lightness of 0%.

Color conversion

The hexadecimal color #000000 has RGB values of R: 0, G: 0, B: 0 and CMYK values of C: 0, M: 0, Y: 0, K:1.




RGB Decimal

0, 0, 0


RGB Percentage

0, 0, 0

rgb(0%, 0%, 0%)


0, 0, 0, 100


0°, 0, 0

hsl(0°, 0%, 0%)

HSV (or HSB)

0°, 0, 0

Web Safe




0, 0, 0


0, 0, 0


NaN, NaN, 0


0, 0, 0


0, NaN, NaN


0, NaN, NaN


00000000, 00000000, 00000000

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