Color palettes

Salmon Sushi
Towering Over
Fondant Art
Forever Begins
Soft as Feathers
Crystal Feline
Floating Seaside
Marshmallows in Tea
Early Departure
Classic Travel
Creative Cupcakes
Lift Me Up
Living a Dream
Fog Over Water
Sun-dappled Sea
Vanilla-frosted Cupcake
Party Time Sprinkles
Freeze this Moment
Path at Dusk
Standing Still
Ice Cream Colors
Turquoise Sky
Storm Rows
Fly Me Away
Tinted Glass
Disco Regular
Rhythmic Waves
Streamers and Confetti
Frosted Biscuits
Steel Sky Ridges
Bunch of Blueberries
Sun-drenched Oranges
Skater Girl
Surf's Up
Raspberry Parfait
Pastel Vibrance
Denim and Carefree
Van Gogh's Dream
Balloon Parade
Rose Garden Cupcake