1. Color Palettes

Color palettes

Forever Fields
Light Lux
Ripe Harvest
Pinch of Lime
Lost in Leaves
Lucky Lime
Papery Blossom
Sweet Orchid
Rich Farm Picks
Fresh Peppers
Party Planner
Mix Madness
Citrus Treats
Christmas Nest
The Big Crunch
Dash of Innocence
Sweet and Citrus
Apple Picking
Autumn Arriving
Refreshment Break
Bright Ocean Floor
Post Dinner Delight
Plump Fruits
Visiting Holland
Flowers at Dawn
Floral Surprise
Petals and Leaves
Spring Forest Sunbeams
Petal Tumble
Drops and Ripples
Slice of Freshness
Blueberry Frosting
Soft Tiny Blooms
Ball Collection
Plain Placed Pineapple
Afternoon Frolic
Flourishing Blooms
Evergreen Lake
Tucked Tulip
Flower Horde