1. Color Palettes

Color palettes

Heart of Coral
Rosy Dew
San Francisco Clouded
Right on Time
Clusters of Beauty
Rose Petals
Strawberry Froth
Jewel-toned Sea
Apple Shine
Toasted Peach
Fur Strands
Cherry Blossom Dance
Rainbow Doughnuts
Fresh Grapefruit
Blushing Landscape
Salmon for Brunch
Pastel Vacation
Always Look Up
Peach Kiss
Fluorescent Fruit
Touch of Rose
Beach Bound
Blush of Trees
Summit Glow
Perfect Tan
Unicorn Trail
Soft Punk
Peach Party
Bubble Pop Frosting
Fruit Punch
Carnation Petals
High and Bright
Vanilla Amandine
Assorted Sweets
Surprising Images
Pastel Vibrance
Party Time Sprinkles
Pastel Bike
Watermelon Ways
Day Trip Out