Color palettes

Salmon Sushi
Luscious Lemonade
Apple Shine
Ube Delight
Feathered Fellow
Zesty Macaroons
Halved Lemons
Candy Color Pop
Dessert Deluxe
Rose and Gold
Eighties Skater Girl
Lime and Mint
Ready for Winter
Evening Stroll
Sun-drenched Bouquet
The Ripe Time
Unusual Banana
Simple Living
Evening Coast
Carnival of Feathers
Delicate Fall
Autumn Walk
Pale Sweater
Just Hanging Out
Nice Day Out
One Sweet Day
Flamingo Houses
Summertime Drink
Sweetness and Health
Autumn Pollen
Over the Horizon
Pom Swirl
Bold Bouquet
Cherry Mango Panel
Thanksgiving Special
At the Marketplace
Mid-noon Blonde
Sweet Cupcake
Coral Goodies
Plump Peaches