Color palettes

Sunlit Eggplant
Cupcake Delight
Everything Nice
Sweet Cotton Sugar
Stacked Cupcake Cups
Cool Berry Scoop
Pop of Balloons
Apple Shine
Shopaholic Babe
Sunset Sightings
Lava Sky
Fur Strands
Cutout Paper Heart
Plum Kisses
Burst of Sunshine
Pops of Blush
Ice Cold Rosé
Vandal Pigment
Teenage Pop
Rose Face
Secret Keeper
Attention to Details
Hot and Sour
Neon Glam Madam
Making Neon Cupcakes
Floral Daydream
Floating Pool Bed
Popping Colors
Meeting the Sun
Mild Sunsets
Floral Blush
Graffiti to Wear
Strawberry Cream Jar
Chrysanthemum Julie
Berry Shake Sip
Snuggled Up Tulips
Summer Brights
Ready to Party
Full Volume
Bold Beanie