Color palettes

Retro Punch
Emerald Entrance
Skater Girl
A Colorful Summer
Thirst Quencher
Shopping Spree
Arts and Crafts
Spread Your Wings
Rose and Gold
Brights and Specs
Fall Fashion
Modern Infrastructure
Lemon Water
Halved Lemons
Autumn Crush
Tasting Rainbows
Fall Foliage Trip
Secret Keeper
Sun Drenched Blooms
Buddhist Monk
Winter Sport
Spring Contrast
Cold Perm
Dazzling Style
Pure Olive Oil
Pop of Colors
Meeting the Sun
Touch and Electrify
Ice Cream Colors
Holiday Trimmings
Petals of Sunshine
Cup of Macarons
Indian Summer
Hot and Sour
Sunshine's Petals
Field of Friendship
Fuzzy Brights
Sun-dried Savories
Sunflower Sprouts
Bright Happy Meadow